top 10 Highest Paid Badminton Players in the world (revealed)

As we all know badminton is a game for two or four people in which players hit a shuttlecock of feathers with a racket holding in their hands over a net. This game was launched by British Citizen in India and from those periods this game is popularly played all over the world. So here are the top 10 highest paid badminton players of 2022.

Player SalaryCountry
Kento MomotaUSD$ 506,900Japan
Chen Yu fieUSD$ 387,875China
Tai Tzu YingUSD$ 307,700Taiwan
Zheng Si WeiUSD$ 263,200China
Huang Ya QiongUSD$ 263,200
Akane YamaguchiUSD$ 249,270Japan
Marcus Fernaldi GideonUSD$ 245,320Indonesia
Kevin Sanjaya SukamuljoUSD$ 245,000Indonesia
Chou Tien ChenUSD$ 234,600Taiwan
Chen Qing ChenUSD$ 216,100China

Top 10 Highest Paid Badminton Players 2022

1- Kento Momata

Kento Momata is a Japanese professional player. Kento has several badminton tournaments including 2 world championships Yet Now . He has an attractive net worth of $3 million.

2- Chen Yu fie

Chen is a Chinese professional badminton player; she was awarded as most promising player of the year in 2017. Chen is having a net worth of $2 million.

3- Tai Tzu Ying

He is a Taiwanese professional badminton player, Tai Tzu became the world’s number one ranked woman in Women’s Singles in the year 2016. Her net worth is $5 million dollars.

4- Zheng siwei

Zheng is a Chinese professional badminton player who is amazing at playing doubles. He’s a world champion twice and an Asian Games gold medalist. He is getting a net worth of $5 million dollars.

5- Huang Ya Qiong

She is a Chinese badminton player, best in playing doubles badminton matches. She has become the Champion of the Asian Games in the year 2017. The net worth of Huang Ya Qiong is between $ 1- $5 million.

6- Akane Yamaguchi

Japanese badminton player Akane Yamaguchi is specialized in singles play. For 10 weeks she has been ranked no.1 in the BWM. She is having an enticing net worth of $5 million.

7- Marcus Fernaldi Gideon

He is an Indonesian professional badminton player; who has always defeated his opponents on the badminton court. He is having a net worth of $1- $5 million dollars.

8- Kevin Sanjaya Sukamulja

Kevin is an Indonesian professional badminton player. He has won a gold medal at the Asian Games in 2018. He is having an aggressive net worth of $5 million.

9- Chou Tien Chen

Chou Chen is a professional badminton player from Taiwan. He was also among the highest-ranking players and was ranked at number 2 in the year 2019. He is having a net worth of between $1- $5 million dollars.

10- Chen Qing Che

She is a Chinese badminton player; who has become the winner of most promising player in 2016 during the BWF season. Chen Qing has a net worth of around 10 million.

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