Highest Paid Female Boxers

Boxing is one of the highest paying sports in the world. The current highest paid female boxers list is now released. Before going on the list, let’s have a look at different aspects of boxing and how boxers get paid.

Over the years, male boxing dominated the ring either with their fighting or with the heavy wages. Over the years, male boxing generate viewership for sponsors but now this trend is moving towards female boxing matches.

None is taken away from male boxing matches as they draw maximum ratings for PPV. But growth in female boxing matches is increased over the years.

Female boxing matches, which take place in the mid-card of PPV bring a handsome amount of ratings.

Prize money is Depending on the fight and popularity of a fighter to draw the ratings. Boxer whose value is more will take higher prize money home. Although the initial contract was signed before the fight, the bonus will be added after reviewing tickets sales.

The 2021 year is almost over. Currently, there are no scheduled matches left for female boxing except the Claressa Shields match in December.

Highest paid Female Boxers

let’s have a look at the purse of female boxers who got paid most in 2021.

BoxerGuaranteed PayoutsPPV shareCurrent
Katie Taylor$1.5 million$500KActive
Claressa shields$1 millionN/AActive
Natasha Jonas$500KN/AActive
Terri Harper$500KN/AActive
Mikaela Mayer$500KN/AActive

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is a professional boxer from Ireland. Age 36 years old and currently active and participating in boxing pay-per-view.

In her fight against Natasha Jonas, Katie Taylor earned a guaranteed $1.3 million amount. Taylor gets paid an additional $500K as a PPV shareholder.

Claressa shields

Claressa shield is an American professional boxer. She has two fights scheduled for 2021. Her first fight took place in March and the second will take place in December. For competing in the rings for both matches, she earned collectively $1 million US dollars.

FAQs Regarding highest paying female boxer

Q. Which Female boxer is getting paid more in 2021?

A. Katie Taylor earned $2 million ( Guaranteed + PPV share) US dollars in 2021.

Q. Which female fighter had more fights in 2021?

A. Claressa shields had two fights in 2021. One in March and the second in December.

Q. Who was Katie Taylor,’s last opponent?

A. Natasha Jonas

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