Highest Paid Football Players In Saudi Professional League | How Cristiano Ronaldo Become Richest Player in World With Al-Nassr Deal?

Highest Paid Footballers Saudi Professional League

With the addition of Ronaldo, there is a huge rise in the popularity and marketing value of Saudi Professional League. Thus, brands and endorsers attracted toward the league, signing expensive sponsorship deals. While TV coverage rights are also sold at incredibly high prices, making it one of the richest association football competition. In return, players are also pocketing huge contract salaries. Here are the complete details about the highest paid footballers in Saudi Professional League.

Highest Paid Footballers in Saudi Professional League

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo: $4.4 Million

After signing off with his contract with Manchester United in English Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo has signed the most expensive contract of Saudi Pro League history. The Portuguese superstar will play for Al-Nassr and will pocket the weekly wage of $4.4 million from the contract. Thus, his annual contract worth has touched the $200 million mark. Besides this, multiple sponsorship deals also available for the forward.

2 – Ever Banega: $203k

Having started his professional football career in 2007, Banega’s game showed a solid improvement over the course of the years. Now, he is one of the most effective central midfielder currently active in the world. He is holding ludicrous deal with Saudi club Al-Shadab and is pocketing the weekly base salary of $203k. Thus, his annual earnings from the contract will reach $10.6 million, making him the second highest paid player in Saudi Professional League.

3 – Matheus Pereira: $131k

Stunning midfielder from Brazil is currently playing for Saudi club Al-Hilal. He is best famous for his attacking skills with exceptional defensive abilities. Matheus Pereira has impressed the coaches since the beginning of his career in 2014 and has achieved many milestones. That’s why, he is among the most marketable footballers and pocketing a huge weekly wage of $131k from his club contract. Moreover, many known brands have also endorsed him.

4 – Talisca: $126k

After magnificent performance in China League One while playing for the Guangzhou Evergrande team, Talisca moved to Saudi top tier league. Al-Nassr has picked the Brazilian star after signing an expensive contract of annual worth $6.5 Million. Thus, he is pocketing $126k as weekly salary. Talisca has been phenomenal in the recent years as he has innate ability to attack while playing as a mid-fielder.

5 – Ahmed Hegazi: $122k

Ahmed Hegazi is one of the experienced professional footballer who is currently playing for Al-Ittihad in the Saudi league. Having signed an expensive contract, Hegazi is earning the weekly base salary of $122k from the team which lifts his yearly earnings to $6.3 million. He is holding multi-year deal with the club and is playing as center-back who can attack and defend simultaneously during the match.

6 – Moussa Marega: $99k

Al-Hilal has signed the French born professional Mali footballer Moussa Marega in 2021 for a multi-year contract deal. He is playing as Second striker for the club and also representing Mali national football team. in 2021, while playing for Porto, Moussa received the ludicrous offer from Al-Hilal, bringing him the weekly earnings of $99k. Thus, he accepted the offer and become the highest paid player from the club.

7 – Luciano Vietto: $97k

Al-Hilal has signed another magician from Argentina, who has done some serious damage in the last 5 years. Luciano Vietto has started his professional career as forward in 2011, when he was picked by local Racing Club. Later on, he became the part of La Liga and also showed his skills in Premier League while playing for Fulham on loan. In 2020, he signed the multi-million deal with Al-Hilal and is currently earning the base salary of $97k per week.

8 – Odion Ighalo: $90k

Odion Ighalo is present at number 8 in the list of highest paid footballers in Saudi Professional League. He made his debut in professional football in 2005 and remained the part of various clubs. During his long career, he played crucial roles in many famous victories and thus, ranked among the most marketable athletes. His signing with Al-Hilal brings $4.7 million to his account on annual basis, while the weekly wage is $90k.

9 – Gustavo Cuellar: $82k

After magnificent performance in Brasileiro Serie A while playing for the Flamengo team, Gustavo Cuellar moved to Saudi top tier league. Al-Hilal has picked the Colombian professional football and star after signing an expensive contract of annual worth $4.2 million. Thus, he is taking home the weekly wage of $82k, making him one of the highest paid footballer in Saudi Professional League.

10 – Andre Carrillo: $74k

Andre Carrillo, professional footballer from Peru, is currently playing for Peru National football team and also for Al-Hilal in the association football career. He is one of the most effective winger with incredible ability to play as forward. Thus, Al-Hilal is paying him much more money than expected by analysts. Carrillo is pocketing $74k per week which makes his annual earnings touch the $3.8 million mark.

Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers In Saudi Professional League

#No.FootballersWeekly WageYearly IncomeTeams
1Cristiano Ronaldo$4.4 Million$200 MillionAl-Nassr
2Ever Banega$203k$10.6 MillionAl-Shabab
3Matheus Pereira$131k$6.8 MillionAl-Hilal
4Talisca$126k$6.5 MillionAl-Nassr
5Ahmed Hegazi$122k$6.3 MillionAl-Ittihad
6Moussa Marega$99k$5.1 MillionAl-Hilal
7Luciano Vietto$97k$5 MillionAl-Hilal
8Odion Ighalo$90k$4.7 MillionAl-Hilal
9Gustavo Cuéllar$82k$4.2 MillionAl-Hilal
10Andre Carrillo$74k$3.8 MillionAl-Hilal

All these are the details about the top 10 highest paid footballers in Saudi Professional League. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!