Highest Paid Football Goal-keepers In The World | David De Gea & Jan Oblak Holds Most Valuable Contracts Worth Of £15m

Highest Paid Football Goalkeepers

Football is no doubt the highest paying game among all the sports. Having a number of fans all around the world, Football has dominated the TV markets and sponsorships. Football is getting famous and famous day by day. In the game of 11 players from each side, the main role is goalkeeper. Because, he is the only person in the whole game who can stop the ball from hands too. Teams spend a lot of amount for picking the best. Here is the list of highest paid football goalkeepers in the world. These players outclassed the market due to their potential talent and extraordinary skills.

Highest Paid Football Goalkeepers

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Base Salary: £8.5m
Market Value: €65m
Club: PSG

Gianluigi Donnarumma, professional footballer from Italy, is a part of PSG and play as a goalkeeper in both PSG and Italy national football team. The 22 years old youngster is now of the highest market value because of his extraordinary talent and skills.

Highest Paid Goalkeeper

Thibaut Courtois

Base Salary: £7.2m
Market Value: €65m
Club: Real Madrid

29 years old goalkeeper is active and is playing for Belgium national team. Moreover, he is holding a contract with Spanish football club Real Madrid. He is listed among the best goalkeepers of all times and is now also among the highest paid football keepers.


Jan Oblak

Base Salary: £12m
Market Value: €60m
Club: Atlético de Madrid

Slovenian professional footballer have signed a contract with Atlético de Madrid and is playing as a goalkeeper in the team. His professional skills and defending abilities makes him listed among the best goalkeepers of the world.

High Paid Football Goalkeepers

Alisson Becker

Base Salary: £7.2m
Market Value: €60m
Club: Liverpool FC

2019’s best FIFA goalkeeper is currently playing for the Premier League Club Liverpool and Brazil national football team. The 29 years keeper is playing for his current team since 2018 and has a major role in the wins.

Highest Paid Football Goalkeeper


Base Salary: £5m
Market Value: €50m
Club: Manchester City

Started his career from 2008, the Brazilian footballer is playing in EPL from the Manchester City team and is considered one of the most fit goalkeeper. Ederson joined Manchester City in 2017 and since then, he is an important part as he performed at his best to play a role in the team winning.

Highest Paid Football Goalkeepers

David De Gea

Base Salary: £18m
Market Value: €18m
Club: Manchester United

The Spanish football player is one of the best goalkeeper in the world. Although his performance is not good in the previous season. However, he is back in form with the highest base salary. He is currently playing for Manchester United and is holding the most valuable contract.

How Clubs Manage The Goalkeepers Salaries?

There are just few clubs who have a great revenue share and ultimately, they pay the highest amounts to their shot-stoppers. But it is a fact that the goalkeepers are lowest paid among the players of each team. However, they are pivotal for winning. Only few clubs recognize the importance of them and now are paying six figures to them as their base salary.

Paris Saint Germain, Real Madrid, and Manchester United are among the clubs who are currently paying the highest amounts to their goalkeepers. The clubs generate revenue through various ways. Some of them are described here.


Goalkeepers play the most important role for winning the matches as they prevent the opponent teams from scoring a goal. High profile teams spend a lot of amount on the goalkeepers and award them bonuses for performing good in the matches and throughout the season. If a goalkeeper does not allow the opponents to score a goal, he gets the 50% bonus of his base salary. In this way, there is an increment in his salary and worth.


Sponsorship deals are also one of the most important source of a revenue for the teams. Players in the league wear sponsored shirts having logo of well known brands. Moreover, they get the sponsorship deals share. Also the sponsors offer the players with the rewards. When Audi has signed the contract with Real Madrid, it provided all the players with a car.

Prize Money Share

Prize money share is also a source of revenue for the teams. If a team wins the season, it receives a huge sum in the form of prize money that ultimately distributed among the players. In this way, there will be an increases in the salary of the players and they get the maximum of shares.

Highest Paid Football Goalkeepers In The World

No.GoalkeepersBase SalaryMarket ValueClub Team
1Gianluigi Donnarumma£8.5m€65mPSG
2Thibaut Courtois£7.2m€65mReal Madrid
3Jan Oblak£12m€60mAtlético de Madrid
4Alisson£7.2m€60mLiverpool FC
5Ederson£5m€50mManchester City
6Marc-Andre ter Stegen£5m€45mFC Barcelona
7Edouard Mendy£10m€32mChelsea FC
8Emiliano Martínez£2m€32mAston Villa
9Aaron Ramsdale£5m€25mArsenal FC
10Unai Simon£2.5m€25mAthletic Bilbao
11Mike Maignan£3m€25mAC Milan
12Jordan Pickford€25mEverton FC
13Álex Remiro€22mReal Sociedad
14Illan Meslier€20mLeeds United
15Gregor Kobel€20mBorussia Dortmund
16David De Gea£18m€18mManchester United

How These Goalkeepers Are Selected?

There are various factors on the basis of which we can sort the players. But the list mainly depends upon the:

  • Market Value | Most of these goal-keepers were in transfer spotlight may be moved to other clubs next season
  • Contract Base Payouts | Every club set different priorities for its players offered them optional year, based on performance
  • Bonuses | Keeping clean sheet is not an easy job for the goal-keeper but if they do, they will make bonus upto £10k in Manchester United and £15k in Real Madrid
  • Endorsements & Sponsorships | The bigger clubs goal-keeper signed bigger endorsement deals will be upgraded for them in future, David De Gea and John Oblak one of the top earning players from endorsements too.

All these are the footballers who have dominated the market on the basis of their professional skills. Gianluigi Donnarumma is currently having the highest market value due to the extraordinary performance in the recent season. David De Gea is back into the form after having two successive poor seasons. He is the highest paying goalkeeper all around the world having contracted with Manchester United.

All these are the salary details of the highest paid football goalkeepers. Teams players salaries has also revealed. If there are any changes in the salaries or a player transfer to the other teams, we will update the details here.

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