Highest Prize Money Snooker Tournaments | World Championship Leads List With Purse Fund Worth of £2.3m

Highest Prize Money Snooker

Snooker events prize fund increased after each year. If we talk about richest snooker tournaments, World Snooker Championship listed at the top. Players who qualified and participate in the world championship earn purse £500k as of winners fund. The overall prize fund of the event rise (£2.3m). World Championship retain highest prize money snooker tournament tag until 2022.

World Snooker Championship | Ranking Tournament

Yhe World Snooker Championship is one of the expensive tournaments that take place each. The first edition held in 1927. The winner of the World Championship received share of £500k share.

Tournament Purse
World Snooker Championship £2.3 million
Winner share £500k
Runner-up share £200k
Highest break £15k

UK Championship | Ranking Tournament

UK Championship schedule confirmed for 2022, it’s the next big tournament in Snooker calendar, players participating in the event received share of £200k for winning the event. Currently no changes reported about UK championship Overall prize money.

UK Championship£1.9 million
Highest Break£15k

China Open | Ranking Tournament

China Open third most popular and biggest in prize money Snooker tournament, the winner of the China Open will received share of £200k and who ever hold highest break record ends up with (£20k bonus).

Tournament Purse
China Open £1 million
Highest Break£20k

International Championship | Ranking Tournament

China, listed another big tournament to their name (international Championship). The suggested prize fund for the International Championship reported £800k from which winner gets paid (£100k) share and £50k awarded to runner-up.

Tournament Purse
International Snooker Championship£800k
Winner £100k
Highest Break£15k

World Open | Ranking Tournament

World Open snooker tournaments dates are out, the event feature £400k overall purse fund from which £100k adjusted for the winners and £50k provided to the runner-ups in the competition. The highest break fund reported (£20k).

Tournament Purse
World Open£400k
Winner £100k
Highest break£20k

If there will be changes to the current highest prize money snooker tournaments details updated later and new events included.

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