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MLB Highest Tickets Revenue


Highest Tickets Sales Revenue In MLB History | $2.86 Billion Generated In 2019 MLB

Major League Baseball is one of the top tier league in the world with thrilling competitions in hand. Million of fans across the globe follow Baseball and MLB is the wonderful showcase of this prestigious sport. A great number of people watch the matches live on the TV. Whereas the great fans reach the stadiums to see their favorite players live. Thus, more revenue will be generated through tickets sales. Here are the complete details about the highest tickets sales in MLB and the revenue generated.

MLB Highest Tickets Revenue

The league came to the party in 1901 and thus is the oldest league of the baseball history. 30 teams participate in the league. Among them, 29 belongs to United States while one team from Canada play the tournament.

Highest Tickets Sales Revenue In MLB History

There is a huge rise in the popularity of MLB in the last 10 years. The promotions and media coverage caused a great number of fans to follow this sport. TV broadcasting deals stream the matches all around the world providing a way of interaction between the players and people. Besides watching the matches live on the TV, fans also came to the stadium to see their stars in action live in front of them.

As a result, MLB has generated a lot of wealth in terms of sponsorship deals, broadcasting rights deals and tickets sales revenue. The average fans attendance in the stadium decreased year by year. However, the rise in the prices and the involvement of technology increased the amount of revenue collected. Here are the complete details about the highest tickets sales revenue in MLB history.

YearsAttendanceTicket Revenue
202169.63 million$2.50 billion
202033.41 million$1.47 billion
201968.48 million$2.86 billion
201869.65 million$2.82 billion
201772.67 million$2.82 billion
201673.16 million$2.67 billion
201573.76 million$2.50 billion
201473.74 million$2.40 billion
201374.03 million$2.33 billion
201274.86 million$2.37 billion
201173.45 million$2.33 billion
201073.20 million$2.28 billion
200973.60 million$2.25 billion

That’s all about the details of highest tickets sales revenue generated in MLB history. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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