Horse Racing Jockeys Salaries 2022 | Irad Ortiz Jr Is Currently Earning The Maximum

Being a jockey professional is interesting as it provides a chance to ride over the horses of many different kinds. Jockeys racing also get famous in the past few years as people are finding great amusement in this sport. What are the salaries of these racing jockeys and how much money they will earn per match? Here are the complete details about the horse racing jockeys salaries.

Horse Racing Jockeys Salaries

How Horse Racing Jockeys Get Paid?

Contract Salary | Not every jockey can afford his own horse. That’s why, people who are fond of horse racing and own strong animals hire the professionals for getting into the race events. Many countries are holding horse racing events and allow people freely to enter the race with their horses. These owners receive cash money and bonuses and in return offer salaries to their jockeys. Thus a jockey earns contract money.

Winning Bonuses | Some owners also provide winning bonuses in case if the jockey managed finishing the race on the top.

Other Bonuses | There are many other bonuses also available for these jockeys. Some of them are following.

  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Insurance
  • Travel Fee

How Much These Racing Jockeys Earn?

Racing jockeys salaries differ on the basis of their experience and professional skills. Moreover, the salary also depends upon the event’s total purse. The more prize money of the tournament, the more share the owner will receive. In return, there will be more payout for the jockey. On estimation basis, the salaries of jockeys ranges between $10,000 to $300,000 yearly. However, on average basis, the annual salary of racing jockeys are $50,000.

Beginners | The jockeys who are going to start their career earn comparatively low due to their less experience. They receive just 2% to 5% of the owner’s share for the tournament. Moreover, they don’t receive the bonuses and chances to ride over the famous horses.

Professionals | The professional jockeys have ton of experience of horse racing. Thus, they receive more worthy contracts and also earn bonuses. They receive from 10% to 25% of the owner’s share as their salary for a tournament. Moreover, they also receive winning bonuses and chances to be a part of big horse racing events.

Let’s have a look at the salaries payout method of horse racing jockeys. Suppose a tournament has total prize money set of $100,000. The winner horse owner of the race receive 60% of the total prize money thus, he will get $60,000. If the winning jockey is professional having contract deal of getting 10% of the owner’s share, he will pocket $6,000 for the championship.

Highest Paid Horse Racing Jockeys

Irad Ortiz Jr

  • Nationality | Puerto Rico
  • Career Wins | 3000+
  • Current Status | Active

Irad Ortiz is currently the best horse jockey of the modern era. He is currently at the top of the list and is earning $500,000 annually. Ortiz has finished at 1st position in the jockey rankings in 2021 that shows his dominance. He has won more than 3000 competition and is still active to improve his stats.

Joel Rosario

  • Nationality | America
  • Career Wins | 3004
  • Current Status | Active

The America jockey has made his mark in the horse racing after winning 3004 games and is still active in the field. He is also present in the list as he is earning worthy contracts for the championships and is banking about $500k annually including bonuses and endorsements.

JockeysFee/MatchAnnual Salary
Irad Ortiz Jr$30,000$500,000
Joel Rosario$30,000$500,000
Flavien Prat$30,000$500,000
Jose L. Ortiz$30,000$500,000
Tyler Gaffalione$30,000$500,000

These are the details about the salaries of horse racing jockeys. Any change in the details will be updates here. Stay tuned for more information!