How Much A XFL Player Earn Per Season? What Kind of Contracts Players Offered?

XFL Player Season Earn

XFL is one of the highly rated American Football competition and features eight teams competing for the trophy. Vince McMahon in 2018 has founded this league and the first edition came in 2020. Now, 2023 season is on its way as it is started on February 18. Whereas the final is on May 13. With in the span of only three years, there is a huge rise in the popularity and market value of the league. That’s why, many big names from all across the globe plays in it and receive massive payouts. However, not everyone pockets the same figures. Here are the complete details about how much a player in XFL earn per season.

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How Much A Player In XFL Earn Per Season?

As compared to National Football League, the payouts in XFL are far lower and generally players won’t make enormous figures except few ones who are able to have their hands on six figures salary. The contracted players earn from the signings with their respective clubs. While the highly worthy contracted players also pocket additional bonuses.

Contract Salary: A professional player in XGL generally manage to earn the base salary of $60k average from his signing with the participant franchise for a whole season, which is incredibly low as compared to $430k a rookie earn in National Football League per season. However, some XFL players including the likes of Brett Hundley, Jordan Tammu and Kyle Sloter earn six figures base salary from their contracts. Hundley is earning the base salary of $200k for a whole season from his ludicrous contract.

Bonuses: Only the highest paid players receive additional bonuses from their respective teams. These are awarded as accommodation fee, travel fee and miscellaneous expenses. Generally, the worth of these bonuses are $10k. Moreover, some other potential bonuses are also available with worth up to $10k also. Thus, players can also earn maximum of $20k in terms of bonuses.

All these are the details about how much a player earn in XFL per season whereas the highest paid players are also revealed. If there is any change, we will make them available here.