How Much Jake Paul Professional Fighters League Contract Worth? What Will be his share in PPV Revenue?

Jake Paul PFL Contract Salary

The American social media personality and boxing star Jake Paul is now making his debut in another combat sports. He has joined the mixed martial artist promotion Professional Fighters Leagues after getting early success in the boxing ring. Paul has not faced a single defeat out of the 6 bouts so far. That’s why, he is offered as expensive contract and he is looking forward to make a wonderful career in the MMA world. Here are the complete details about how much is Jake Paul PFL contract salary and worth.

How Much Jake Paul Professional Fighters League Contract Worth?

ContractGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payout
2022$2mContract with Promotion$4m (estimated)

The social media star appeared in 6 professional boxing matches previously and became the winner in all of them. His upcoming bout is scheduled against Tommy Fury on February 26, 2023 consisting 8 rounds in Saudi Arabia.

PFL has made a New PPV Super Fight Division and they are actively signing the big names for sustaining the promotion. Besides Claressa Shields and Kayla Harrison, Jake Paul is now becoming another popular star in the promotion.

There are no official details revealed regarding the salary and worth of Paul’s contract. However, details from authentic sources confirmed that Paul will bag PPV share revenue alongside with the guaranteed purse for his fight in the MMA promotion.

PPV Revenue: The revenue share depends upon the pay per view sales number and two criterions proposed regarding the distribution of money. There are possibilities that The Problem Child will take home 50% of the total sales money. While the other is fixed money for Paul in terms of PPV money, regardless of the sales and revenue collected.

Salary: No matter what will be PPV money, it is quite obvious that Jake Paul’s contract with PFL brings massive numbers into his account. Unofficial sources revealed that Paul will make around $2 million to $5 million from the contract with the promotion.

All these are the details about how much Jake Paul PFL contract worth and salary. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!