How Much PCB Generates Revenue Each Year From Cricket Series? How PSL success help them in last 5 years?

How Much PCB Generates Revenue

After the ban of cricket matches on their soil, Pakistan cricket and board suffered a lot in money and performance aspects. They had to make UAE as their home ground and the huge money paid to the UAE government created a big hole in the net worth. However, the return of cricket to Pakistan has set the stage for the board to bank some big numbers and PSL is also creating a greater impact. Here we will provide you the complete data about how much PCB generates revenue each year and how the sponsorships and PSL is gaining importance in the net revenue generated by the board.

How Much PCB Generates Revenue Each Year?

Pakistan cricket is coming right back to the track after the tour of some big teams including South Africa, Australia and then England. Thus, it will be a great sign for the country to make the most of it. The door for more sponsorships and endorsements by international brands are opened now. Moreover, Pakistani players are also busy in impressing the world with Babar Azam as the number 1 ODI batsman. On the other side, Shaheen Shah Afridi has also created some serious damage in the recent years.

PCB is continuously getting benefits and hopeful for more money in future. In the last year cycle, Pakistan Cricket Board banked the net revenue of $111 million which takes its net worth up to $55 million mark. Below are the main ways by which PCB is making most of the money.

1 – Broadcasting Rights

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PCB has sold the media coverage rights to ARY recently. The contract deal with PTV Sports ended and now ARY will stream all the matches including Pakistan Super League live via its HD TV channel A Sports. Moreover, the online streaming is also available on ARY Zap app, available for android and IOS users. On average, PCB generates $16.6 million annually from selling the media rights and TV broadcasting deals.

2 – Sponsorships

From the last 2 to 3 years, Pakistan has shown magnificent performance in International matches and ICC events. They were the semi-finalists in 2021 World T20 and runners up in 2022 World T20. Thus, the board is getting multiple endorsement deals from numerous international brands, bringing whopping numbers to the bank.

Team Sponsorships: Pepsi is the official sponsor for Pakistan Cricket team and is holding the contract from many years with the last extension in 2020. As per the official data, Pepsi is paying $5.5 million to PCB for putting the logo on the jersey.

Kit Sponsor: BS Sports & TCL is holding the rights for being the official kit sponsor of Pakistan Cricket Team. All the cricketing gears and equipment are provided by BS Sports. Moreover, PCB is grabbing $50k for a match and the annual revenue of $300k.

3 – Advertisements

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Another big source of income for PCB is the title sponsorship. Whenever, a team visits Pakistan or they go for a tour to another cricket playing country, the advertisement plays a crucial role. Many local sponsors like HBL, Brighto alongside with international brands like KFC pays PCB for being the holding the titles rights. PCB banks around $7 million for selling the titles rights annually as per the official sources.

4 – Bilateral Series

As per the annual cycle, Pakistan plays numerous bilateral series against different cricketing nations. Thus, both participant countries get the big chunk of the revenue and PCB takes home 50% of the ICC funding. In the recent cycle, PCB has sum up the huge number of $69.8 million from the bilateral series, Asia Cup and ICC events.

5 – Pakistan Super League

From starting in 2016, Pakistan Super League is now become a well known cricket event with millions of fans all across the globe. The TV rights deals, sponsorships, merchandise sales, franchise bids and advertisements all play a crucial role to improve the standard of the league. PCB is also pocketing huge chunk of revenue on annual basis. The recent season brought $12 million to the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Broadcasting Rights$16.6 million
Team Sponsorship$5.5 million
Kit Sponsorship$500k
Advertisements$6.6 million
Bilateral Series$69.8 million
Pakistan Super League$12 million

There is a huge difference in the annual revenue generated by BCCI and PCB. However things are going peaceful for the Pakistan team and they are hopeful for better results in future. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!