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WWE PPV Earn Covid-19


How Much WWE Earn Per PPV Fight After Covid-19 Impacts?

WWE got much affected as the Pandemic caused the cancellation of all the fighting events. The biggest industry of the wrestling world also faced final issues as there was no fight and hence no revenue generated. However, WWE is now on its way organizing big PPV matches as the Corona in now over. How much WWE earn currently per PPV fights after the COVID-19 impacts? Here are the complete facts about the money generated from PPV matches before and after the disaster.

WWE PPV Earn Covid-19

How Much WWE Earn Per PPV After Covid-19 Impacts?

WWE release its financial updates for quarter of the year. Before Covid-19, WWE have made a great revenue in 2019 with a rise in the TV broadcasting contracts to telecast the matches live. Thus, the streaming reached to many new parts of the world. However, 2020 caused a lot of trouble and all the PPV fights cancelled. While the ones which occurred, are played under the closed houses. Thus, no ticket sales decreased the revenue.

However, the things are getting changed and 2021 has brought a big money to the industry. Moreover, there is great rise in the TV broadcasting rights money as BT Sports have expanded the network to many countries.

WWE PPV Revenue In 2021

QuarterRevenueOperating IncomeAdjusted OIBDADigital Video Views
1st$263.5 M$65.1 M$83.9 M9.4 billion
2nd$265.6 M$46.3 M$68.1 M11.2 billion
3rd$255.8 M$64 M$77.9 M12.8 billion
4th$310.3 M$83.6 M$97.2 M11.7 billion

Revenue | In 2021, WWE has generated a collective revenue of $1.09 Billion. The 4th quarter of the previous year was the most successful as the PPV fights earned a huge money of $310.3 million besides the operating income. The contract deals with BT sports and PP Sports have been extended as these broadcasters decided to stream the events live in China as well.

Operating Income | After all the expenses deduction, WWE has collected the collective operating income of $259 million. The money goes down as there is sudden preparation of the venues and stadiums after the pandemic crisis.

WWE Revenue In 2022

The complete details about the WWE revenue of 2022 have not been released so far. However, for the first quarter, WWE make huge money. Below are the complete details.

Revenue | In the 1st quarter of 2022, WWE has generated a record quarter income of $333.4 million. WWE is looking to expand the media network to collect more revenue from the PPV sales. Thus, the industry is making long-term contracts with the largest broadcasting group of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as well as with MBC group. Thus, these broadcasters will stream the events live and ultimately, there will be more money.

These are the details about the money WWE earn after the Covid-19 pandemic. Further changes and updates in the details will be available. The complete PPV schedule of WWE fights announced. Stay tuned for more information.

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