WWE Female Match Officials Salaries | How Much They Earn Per Match & PPV Events?

WWE Female Referees Salaries

With the advancement of technology and involvement of money, sports changed to a great extent. Thus, people get involved more towards the sports. Moreover, the addition of glamour has attracted more fans and the sports organizations started using it as their marketing strategy with WWE is no exception. Alongside with many renowned women wrestlers, there are many other females working in the industry and performing duties as referee. Here are the complete details about the WWE female officials salaries alongside with the bonuses available to them.

How Much WWE Female Referees Earn?

Not every referee working in WWE is pocketing the same amount as some are bagging millions while the others only receive some dollars as a match fee. It all depends upon the contracts and experience of the female referees alongside with their performances in the ring.

Rookies: The female referees who are at the early stage of their careers in WWE do not receive the contracts with the company. They get the chances of officiating small fights and receive basic match fee of $500. Once get the experience, they will pocket some heavy contracts.

Professionals: After having good experience and performances, WWE offers good contracts to the female referees, offering big numbers as base salary. The match fee revolves around $1,000 while the annual salary cross the $150k mark. Besides these, there are many other bonuses as well for the professionals.

  • Free Parking
  • Accommodation Fee
  • Travel Fee
  • Free Tickets

Highest Paid Salaries of WWE Female Referees

1 – Artemis Ortygie

Artemis Ortygie, French professional wrestling referee is currently under the contract of WWE and is the highest paid female official. Ortygie pockets the per match fee of $1,000 for officiating normal matches. However, she also gets the chances of refereeing big PPV fights and events. Thus, the annual salary of Ortygie including all the other bonuses reach the $250k mark, highest by any female WWE referee.

2 – Jessika Carr

Jessika Carr is next in our list. She is also appearing on the ring as having contract with WWE. Belonging to America, she started her career with the promotion in as wrestler and later on, become a referee. In no time, Jessika made her way to become one of the highest paid female referee in WWE. She is currently receiving the base salary of $1,000 as per the contract. While the annual salary ranges between $150k to $200k, based on the bonuses and PPV fights.

3 – Daphanie LaShaunn

It’s not a surprise to see Daphanie LaShaunn in the list as she has also signed the contract with WWE after showing brilliant performance in the ring at early stages of his officiating career. Now, she is making most of money by officiating wrestling fights and looking forward to grab a more worthy contract. Current per match salary of Daphanie LaShaunn is $1,000. Besides these, bonuses take her annual earnings up to $175k.

All these are the details about the WWE female officials salaries alongside with their match fees and base payouts. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!