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ICC Umpires Salaries

Over a past few decades, cricket has changed to a great extent. There is evolution from wooden bails to electric. A lot of rules changed. With the advancement of technology, cricket modernized. TV review system solve the problem of controversial decisions but one cannot deny the importance of umpires. What are the salaries of ICC umpires?

Researches revealed that umpires get different amounts as their salary due to various factors and reasons. Some umpires are a part of ICC Elite Panel. In this way, they earn the highest as compared to those who are young or not the part of panel. After the pandemic, there is a rise in the earnings of match officials as some of them are now earning $3,000 as a match fee.

Emirates ICC Elite Panel Of Umpires Salaries

Elite Panel of ICC comprises of the top class umpires who have a lot of experience in the field and amazing records. Emirates introduced the Elite Panel in 2002. As a result the cricket reforms in such a way that in the test matches, both umpires are independent of the competing nations while in ODIs, one umpire is of independent nation. The umpires of Elite Panel receives bonuses and sponsorship revenue. Here are some of them.

Travel Fee & Accommodation | ICC offers the match officials travel fee and free accommodations when they are on the tour to officiate a match.

Sponsorships | Each member of the panel wear the sponsored shirt having the logo of Fly Emirates. In this way, they can the enjoy the free holidays, food and travel.

Health Insurance | Umpiring the match continuously for 5 days is never been easy and is a tedious work. Thus there may be health issues with the umpires. ICC offers the health insurance deals so that the member of ICC Elite Panel of Umpires enjoy the free health membership over different areas.

Coaching Jobs | After retirement, ICC provides the coaching jobs to the elite panel members. In this way, they can earn by coaching the youngsters to prepare them for becoming future official.

Emirates ICC International Panel Of Umpires Salaries

Elite Panel introduced by the Emirates consists of those umpires who have extraordinary judging abilities and huge experience. On the basis of which they earn the highest amounts. While the international panel of umpire includes those officials who have ability to be a part of Elite Panel in the future as they show good performance in the matches. Their pays are somewhat lower than the elite panel umpires. However, the bonuses offered to them are same as given to the elite members.

UmpiresBase SalaryPanelBonusCountryContract
Aleem Dar$250,000Elite$10,000Pakistan2023
Christopher Gaffaney$250,000Elite$10,000New Zealand2023
Kumar Dharmasena$250,000Elite$10,000Sri Lanka2023
Marais Erasmus$250,000Elite$10,000South Africa2023
Michael Gough$250,000Elite$10,000England2023
Nitin Menon$250,000Elite$10,000India2023
Paul Reiffel$250,000Elite$10,000Australia2023
Richard Illingworth$250,000Elite$10,000England2023
Richard Kettleborough$250,000Elite$10,000England2023
Rodney Tucker$250,000Elite$10,000Australia2023
Joel Wilson$250,000Elite$10,000West Indies2023
Ahmad Shah Pakteen$100,000InternationalN/AAfghanistan2023
Shawn Craig$100,000InternationalN/AAustralia2023
Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid$100,000InternationalN/ABangladesh2023
Alex Wharf$100,000InternationalN/AEngland2023
Anil Chaudhary$100,000InternationalN/AIndia2023
Roland Black$100,000InternationalN/AIreland2023
Chris Brown$100,000InternationalN/ANew Zealand2023
Ahsan Raza$100,000InternationalN/APakistan2023
Shaun George$100,000InternationalN/ASouth Africa2023
Lyndon Hannibal$100,000InternationalN/ASri Lanka2023
Leslie Reifer$100,000InternationalN/AWest Indies2023
Iknow Chabi$100,000InternationalN/AZimbabwe2023

Emirates ICC Elite Panel Of Match Referees Salaries

Match referees in cricket also play an important role to protect the health of game by keeping each point in view. From weather conditions to pitch, they keep an eye over all the factors. Moreover, they also maintain the match discipline in case of a fight during a match. The elite panel officials get the base salary as they have contracts with ICC and officiate the tests, ODIs, and T20i. They also officiate the world cup matches. There are no extra bonuses offered to them. However, there base salaries are higher than the umpires.

International Panel Of ICC Match Referees Salaries

In this panel, those referees are included who have performed better at the national scales. ICC pick them for their grooming and training so that they can be able to referee the matches in the coming times. They get the chances to cover the matches of small teams or in the Under-19 world cup for getting experience. They get some bonuses as well.

Contracts | After showing good performances in the tournaments described above, they get the ICC contracts. Moreover by continuing the hard work, they can be a part of Elite Panel.

Travel & Residential Fee | They get the travel fees as well when they are on the business or official tour to officiate a match or ICC event.

RefereesBase SalaryPanelBonusCountryContract
David Boon$250,000EliteN/AAustralia2023
Chris Broad$250,000EliteN/AEngland2023
Jeffrey Crowe$250,000EliteN/ANew Zealand2023
Ranjan Madugalle$250,000EliteN/ASri Lanka2023
Andrew Pycroft$250,000EliteN/AZimbabwe2023
Richie Richardson$250,000EliteN/AWest Indies2023
Javagal Srinath$250,000EliteN/AIndia2023
Hamim Talwar$15,000InternationalN/AAfghanistan
Bob Stratford$15,000InternationalN/AAustralia
Akhtar Ahmad$15,000InternationalN/ABangladesh
Phil Whitticase$15,000InternationalN/AEngland
Manu Nayar$15,000InternationalN/AIndia
Graham McCrea$15,000InternationalN/AIreland
Gary Baxter$15,000InternationalN/ANew Zealand
Ali Naqvi$15,000InternationalN/APakistan
Shaid Wadvalla$15,000InternationalN/ASouth Africa
Graeme La Brooy$15,000InternationalN/ASri Lanka
Reon King$15,000InternationalN/AWest Indies
Emmanuel Dube$15,000InternationalN/AZimbabwe

International Panel Of ICC Development Umpire Salaries

These umpires are the part of ICC development program in which they are trained for becoming a future official. They also get the bonuses as when they officiate the matches of small teams or the qualifiers rounds of mega events. ICC provides them the chance to join the company of big officials during the match to get the experience and learn the things from them. They get

  • Free trainings
  • Contracts after showing good performances
  • Travel fee
  • Free tickets when come to enjoy the match not for officiating
  • Free parking
Claire PolosakAustralia
Lauren AgenbagSouth Africa
Kim CottonNew Zealand
Sue RedfernEngland
David McLeanScotland
N JananiIndia
Jacquline WilliamsWest Indies
Rizwan AkramNetherlands

Panel of ICC Umpire Coaches Salaries

ICC umpire coaches panel do the toughest duty by keeping in view the each decision of an umpire during a match. They judge the decisions taken by on field umpires. Consistent mistakes by the officials make them face the Coaches Panel who investigates the causes of wrong decision and decides whether the new contract should be given or not.

Umpire CoachesBase SalaryCountry
Dennis Burns$150,000England
David Levens$150,000Australia
Karl Hurter$50,000South Africa
Peter Manuel$50,000Sri Lanka

Final Verdict

All these are the salaries and contract details of ICC match referees, umpires and coaches are based on the information reported by UK and Asian media groups. Information may be conflicted but the numbers are same. There are sponsorship bonuses for Elite Umpires while umpires from development program can earn the contracts by showing good performances in the small tournaments.

2022 Cricket World Cup schedule announced. There will be a meeting between the cricket board and ICC in between May to July, 2022. Decision will be made about the contracts. The new contracts will be announced after the July 2022. If an umpire sign the contract with ICC or move to the Elite Panel, we will update the details here.

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