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IndyCar Cost


How Much It Cost To Build IndyCar Race Car |

IndyCar Cost

Racing is the most thrilling sports in the world. The struggle of the racers to come on the first position is worth watching. The racer having an extraordinary racing vehicle can beat his rivals efficiently. But it is also a fact that racing cars are very expensive and not easy for everyone to buy them. That’s why, the beginners move to IndyCar racing because it is much cheaper than Formula 1. How much does an IndyCar cost?

IndyCar racing is a bit different from from Formula 1 racing. The tracks of F1 are closed circuits with turns, chicanes, and hairpins. While Indy racing is on oval tracks. Moreover, there are some technical differences also. Here are the complete details about the IndyCar manufacturing price.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An IndyCar?


Engine is the most basic thing of an IndyCar. If you are making a car from scratch, the engine will cost you around $250,000, if you are using good parts for a month. Such engines have the power to make you win the race. If you are buying a package of full season, your expenditures will be $800,000. However, if you are using cheaper parts, there will be definitely a cost cut and it will be difficult to win the race. These engines will cost you $150,000.


Firestone has the contract to provide tires to the IndyCar teams. They provide 33 sets of tires for one month. The cost for the monthly package reaches $100,000. While for the whole season, your expenditures on the whole package will rise to $900,000.


Each team has the choice to put the customizes chassis in their cars. These are the places where you can make cost cuts by purchasing second hand chassis. They are cheaper than the genuine chassis and will cost for $300,000. However, genuine chassis will cost you around $350,000.

Garage Expenses

Garage is needed to to park your car in a safe zone. So that it will be safe from the damage and weather. The normal sized garage will cost around $4,000 for a month.

Support Staff

Support staff and team managers guide you about the car and will do 12 to 14 hours of work. You also have to pay them. A complete management team includes mechanics, crew chief, engineers, public relation person, and technical director. Thus these support staff members also make a hole in your pocket when they will cost you $250,00.

Other Components

Your expenses will not come down as you have to pay much for the side components. These include turbos, clutches, data logging system, gears, paddles etc. You have to pay $1 Million for these accessories.

Testing Budget

For testing the performance of the car, you have to spend $150,000 on tests that will make an increment in your expenses. However, it is important to check each part of the car in the testing session before taking it to the race.

IndyCar Cost Breakdown 2022

Support Staff$250,000
Other Components$1 Million
Testing Budget$150,000
Total Expenses/Season: $3 Million

These are the details about the IndyCar cost breakdown. The expenditures for the whole season reaches $3 Million. They are more expensive than NASCAR cars. However, they also have great fan following despite the fact. If there are any further details, we will update them here.

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