All Italian Serie A Clubs Kit Suppliers Deals (Revealed)

Italian clubs have had issues with Kit supplier deals over the last few seasons. Big brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma are reluctant to sponsor Italian clubs leading local Italian brands to dominate Italian football in terms of Kit suppliers deals. We take a look at every Serie A club’s deal with kit manufacturer and the kind of contract they have.

Italian Serie A Club’s Kit Suppliers Deals: (Official Financial Details)

Juventus leads the kit deal chart with their record €51 million a year deal with Adidas followed by AC Milan who signed with Puma for a record €15 million a year deal. Inter Milan have been with Nika since 1998 and their current deal expires in 2024 where they are getting €10 million a year.

JuventusAdidas51 million8 Years (2019-2027)
AC MilanPuma15 million5 Years (2018-2023)
Inter MilanNike10 millionLong-term deal till 2024 (signed in 1998 and renewed every 5 years)
NapoliKappa8 million7 Years (2015-2022)
AS RomaNike5 million10 Years (2014-2024)
LazioMacron3.2 million10 Years (2012-2022)
AtalantaJoma2.5 million7 Years (2017-2024)
Fiorentinale Coq Sportif2.5 million5 Years (2016-2020)
TorinoJoma2 million5 Years (2019-2024)
SampdoriaJoma1.7 million5 Years (2015-2020)
GenoaKappa1.5 million6 Years (2019-2025)
BolognaMacron1.5 millionTill 2023 (Long-term deal signed in 2001)
CagliariMacron1.5 million8 Years (2016-2023)
UdineseMacron1.3 million6 Years (2018-2024)
VeronaMacron1.2 million5 Years (2018-2023)
ParmaErrea850,000Till 2025 (Long term deal since 2006)

Italian Serie A lost its incredible prestige when that famous match fixing sandal (Calciopoli) rocked Italian Football back in 2000’s. However Italian football is slowly but surely making its way back in terms of top european leagues. The process has been painful and slow for most clubs in Italy and with recent covid-19 pandemic hitting Italy hard we can expect it to last for a few more years.

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