Italian Serie A 2021 Wage Bills (Club By Club) – Revealed

Italian Serie A wage bill for 2020/21 season have been revealed in italian press like every year. Juventus have the highest wage bill (€236 million) in Italian Serie A where Cristiano Ronaldo with his massive €31m a year contract is the highest paid player in Serie A. Below is the official financial details from all Italian Serie A clubs and their wage bills as revealed in Italian media.

Italian Serie A 2020/21 Wage Bills (Revealed)

At this time of the year an renounced publication in Italy called “La Gazzetta dello Sport” reveal club by club and player by player wages of Italian Serie A. They have been releasing salary and contract details of all Serie A players since early 2000’s. We have compiled their results and below chart shows 2020/21 wage bills of all Italian Serie A club.

1Juventus€236 millionC. Ronaldo (€31m)
2Inter Milan€149 millionLukaku (€7.5m)
3AS Roma€112 millionDzeko (€7.5m)
4Napoli€105 millionKoulibali (€6m)
5AC Milan€90 millionIbrahimovic (€7m)
6Lazio€83 millionImmobile (€4m)
7Fiorentina€55 millionRibery (€4m)
8Torino€51 millionBelloti (€2m)
9Cagliari€46 millionGodin (€3m)
10Bologna€43 millionSansone (€1.6m)
11Atalanta€42.6 millionIličić (€1.6m)
12Genoa€41 millionBadelj (€1.4m)
13Sassuolo€35 millionBerardi (€1.8m)
14Parma€34 millionInglese (€1.4m)
15Sampdoria€34 millionCandreva (€1.3m)
16Benvento€32 millionGlik (€2.5m)
17Udinese€31 millionDe Paul (€1m)
18Verona€24 millionKalinic (€1.5m)
19Crotone€23 millionMagallan (€750,000)
20Spezia€22 millionFarias (€1m)

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