How Much Juventus Will Earn In Champions League | Club Will Make €50m from TV Market Pool & Coefficient Distributions

The Italian football club, Juventus run continue in champions league 2021-22. The club made to the round of 16 where they will play their next match against Villarreal. How much Juventus champions league earnings reported for 2022.

Juventus Champions League Earnings

Champions In 2022 | If Juventus, become the champions in 2022, the club will make guaranteed (€62m) million without TV market money and coefficient distributions. Including TV pool and coefficient money Juventus will earn total purse of (€111m). The complete earnings after deduction of covid-19 financial by UEFA, club received share (€106m).

Runner-ups in UCL 2022 | Reaching the final, but could win it will decrase the overall payout for the Juventus F.C upto (€100m), but club will received purse of (€96.5m) from the competition after deduction of covid-19 funds adjusted by UEFA.

TV Market Money | Sources claimed that Juventus would earn tv market money upto €18.5m to €20m in 2022. Different claims circulating not official one’s yet reported. Previously, Juventus earn maximum tv pool money (€16.5m) from the champions league market pool.

Coefficients Ranking | A big chunk of money will go to the Juventus account from coefficient based rankings, the club will earn somewhere (€30m) in 2022 champions league. Which brings massive hike in the prize money distribution of champions league offered to clubs from qualification to the finals.

Base Fees | Group Stage€16.5m + 9.6m
Group Match Victories€14m
Redistributed Draws€1.07m
Semi Finalist€12.5m
TV Market Money€20m
Coefficients Ranking€30m

How Much Juventus Earn If lost In Semi’s Or Quarter finals?

If the team of Juventus, could not made to the finals and lost the match in the semi finals or quarter finals club big proportion of prize money disturbed. In case Juventus knockout from quarter finals they will still make handsome purse of (€85m) and if knockout from semi finals, Juventus make (€90m) after covid-19 funds deductions.

Complete details regarding Juventus champions league earnings for 2022 competition reported. Market money and coefficients ranking impact the overall champions league prize money.

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