Financial Details of La Liga’s New TV Rights Deal Worth €4.95 billion From 2022 to 2027

On December 14, La Liga New TV Rights Deal for the next five seasons has been signed. The deal is signed with DAZN and local broadcasting channel Movistar.

This deal is worth €4.95 billion or US $5.58 billion. It will start in the 2022-2023 season and will end Movistar’s run as the league’s main broadcaster.

Let’s take a look at La Liga Domestic TV Rights Deals :

€990,000,000 a year will be paid by two local networks in Spain to show Laliga both on TV and online in a 5 year contract worth €4.9 billion. That is a massive 66% increase over the previous domestic deal.

BroadcasterNumber of live gamesContract
1. Telefonica/MovieStar 5 Live Matches per matchday + 3 full Matchdays per season 2022-2027
2. DAZN5 Live Matches per matchday2022-2027

With this deal, La Liga banking €10 million more per season than in the previous agreement.

With the deal, DAZN will telecast 175 matches per season. Telefonica-owned Movistar has the rights to the other 205 games.

Previous Deal worth

La Liga previous deal with Telefonica was worth €2.940 billion ($3.32 billion)

Benefits of La Liga deal

Spanish clubs who have struggled during the global health crisis, The new deal bring good news for them. The La Liga – CVC agreement will see an investment of €1.994 billion in the league in return for a CVC stake in a company that will commercialize the broadcasting and sponsorship rights.

FAQs Regarding La Liga TV Rights Deal
Q. Who is the new La Liga TV right partner?

A. DAZN along with Telefonica Movistar will broadcast the league

Q. How many matches are played in one season?

A. 380 matches among 38 teams

Q. How many matches will DAZN show?

A. DAZN has a right to telecast 175 matches

Q. How many matches will Telefonica Movistar telecast?

A. 205

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