Spanish La Liga Prize Money 2022 (Confirmed)

La Liga prize money for 2022 is been updated based on the New TV rights deals. However, Prior to the previous TV right deal with Telefonica, La Liga generated around €1.89 billion in a 3-year deal.

Other than this, Media pro also paid €750 million for three years made La Liga revenue to €2.70 billion over three years.

LaLiga prize money breakdown

Lately, La Liga introduce the new TV money distribution policy. With the new La Liga TV right deal with DAZN and Movistar, League will put both domestic and overseas yearly TV money in place.

Deal with DAZN and Movistar worth €4.95 billion combine.

According to this model, 90% will be allocated to division 1 teams. A total of 10% will be allocated for division 2 teams.

The model is based:

  1. Equal-share: (50% equally distributed among all 20 top-flight clubs)
  2. Merit-Money: (25% is distributed according to league positions, based on the last 5 seasons)
  3. Resources-Generation: (25% distribution is based on each team’s capacity of generating resources)

Based on the data and past league positions, have a look at the La Liga Prize money distribution Table below.

Expected Prize money pay outs for La Liga Teams from 2022-2027
ClubsEqual ShareMerit ResourcesTotal Money
Barcelona €65 million €55 m €60m €180 m
Real Madrid €65 million €53 m€60m €178 m
Atletico Madrid €65 million €51 m €40m €156 m
Sevilla FC €65 million €49 m €20m €134 m
Getafe €65 million €47 m €20m €132 m
Villareal €65 million €45 m €20m €130 m
Real Sociedad €65 million €43 m €20m €128 m
Valencia €65 million €41m €15m €121 m
Granada €65 million €39 m €16m €120 m
Athletic Club €65 million €37 m €18m €120 m
Levante €65 million €35 m €12m €112 m
Osasuna €65 million €33 m €12m €110 m
Alaves €65 million €31 m €15m €111 m
Real Betis €65 million €29 m €16m €110 m
Valladolid €65 million €27 m €20m €112 m
Celta Vigo €65 million €25 m €18m €108 m
Eibar €65 million €23 m €15m €103 m
RCD Mallorca €65 million €21 m €9m €95 m
Leganes €65 million €19 m €15m €99 m
Espanyol €65 million €17 m €20m €120 m

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