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La Liga Referees Salaries 2022


Spanish La Liga Referees Salaries 2022

After premier league, Spanish la Liga is the most-watched football league. Many top referees move to La Liga to officiate the game as La Liga pays its officials a very good match fee. La Liga referees Salaries for season 2022 have been revealed.

Have a look:

Category Per Match Fee Base Salary (Yearly)
Match Referees€6,000€250,000
Assistant Referees€3,000€70,000
Video Assistant Referees€3,500€85,000

Spanish division one league offers the highest referees salaries in Europe’s top 5 leagues. According to data analysis, La Liga referees are getting paid €6,000 to officiate a single match.

Most match fee to officiate a game in Europe’s top 5 leagues. In la Liga Linesman and VAR officials also get paid very well. The maximum they earned are €3,500

La Liga Referees

La Liga has revealed its referee’s pannel to officiate 2021/2022 season. Estrada Fernández and Jesús Gil Manzano will officiate the most number of matches, 30 each.

Take a look at the other officials and their total eraning:

Referees Base Salary MATCH FEE (€6,000 per match)TOTAL EARNINGS
Estrada Fernández€250,00030 Matches (€180,000) €430,000
Jesús Gil Manzano€250,00030 Matches(€180,000) €430,000
Antonio Miguel Matéu€250,00028 Matches (€168,000) €418,000
Andrés Hernández€250,00026 Matches (€156,000) €406,000
Alejandro Hernández€250,00026 Matches (€156,000) €406,000
Santiago Jaime Latre€250,00025 Matches (€150,000) €400,000
De Burgos Bengoetxea€250,00023 Matches (€138,000) €388,000
González González€250,00023 Matches (€138,000) €388,000
Carlos Del Cerro Grande€250,00023 Matches (€138,000) €388,000
Pablo González€250,00022 Matches (€132,000) €382,000
Valentin Pizarro Gomez€250,00021 Matches (€126,000) €376,000
Eduardo Prieto Iglesias€250,00019 Matches (€114,000) €364,000
Juan Martínez Munuera€250,00016 Matches (€96,000) €346,000
Javier Alberola Rojas€250,00016 Matches (€96,000) €346,000
Guillermo Cuadra Fernández€250,00016 Matches (€96,000) €346,000
José Luis Munuera€250,00012 Matches (€72,000) €322,000
Adrián Cordero Vega€250,00012 Matches (€72,000) €322,000
José María Sánchez Martínez€250,00012 Matches (€72,000) €322,000

Compare to Premier League and Champions league referees earnings, La Liga referees salaries are way more than both league referees.

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