Ligue 1 Sponsorship Deals | How Much It Generates In a Single Season from Sponsorships?

Ligue 1 Sponsorship Deals

With the enterance of Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr, there is a huge rise in the matketing value of French top tier association football competition Ligue 1. Many big brands and companies are now investing money in the teams as well as offering endorsements to the league organizers. Here are the complete details about the French Ligue 1 sponsorship deals and how much money they are paying to the league per season.

Ligue 1 Sponsorship Deals

The estimated revenue from the sponsorship deals of French Ligue 1 is $29.65 million per season. Many renown brands and companies have signed the contracts to capture the market and commercialize their products. Among the major endorsers of the league, some are given below.

Uber Eats: $19.7 Million

Uber Eats has signed the multi-million dollars deal with Ligue 1 and is the current title sponsor. The deals is of 3 years length with annual revenue of $19.7 million. Thus, the biggest chunk of Ligue 1 sponsorship earnings is coming from this deal.

Betclic: $3.5 Million

The online gambling giant is now the official betting partner of one of the top association football league, The French Ligue 1. Betclic has signed the contract for the duration time of 5 years and will pay $3.5 million per year.

Kipsta: $1.4 Million

Ligue 1 has signed the 5 years endorsement deal with Kipsta as the official football sponsor. The sports gadgets giant will provide the footballs for thr coming seasons and will also pay $1.4 million to the organizers as per the contract.

La Poste: Unrevealed

The postal service company, working in France has also partnered the top tier football competition. The worth of sponsorship deal between La Poste and Ligue 1 is unrevealed. However, estimated worth is around $1.2 million per season.

Point P: Unrevealed

Another endorsement which brings some good numbers to the Ligue 1 account is deal with material building industry Point P. The actual worth of the contract is still unkonwn. However, analysts estimate that Point P is paying $1.1 million per season.

French Ligue 1 Sponsorship Deals 2023

SponsorshipsSpecialityAnnual Worth
Uber EatsTitle Sponsor$19.7 Million
BetclicGambling Partner$3.5 Million
KipstaFootball Sponsor$1.4 Million
La Poste$1.2 Million
Point PMarketing Partner$1.1 Million

All these are the details about the French Ligue 1 sposnorship deals 2023. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!