How Much Liverpool Earn In Champions League 2022 | Club Will Make (€43.5m) from TV Market & Coefficient Rankings

Liverpool Champions League Earnings

Liverpool dominated the Group B of the champions league season 2021-22. They manage to win 6 out 6 games in the competition. The club already generate €32m from group matches and base fees. Liverpool champions league earnings for 2021-22 competition based on match fees, group victories and base fees reported.

Winning Champions League 2022 | If Liverpool manage to win champions league, the club will generate money upto €105m which include the base fee group stage, group match victories, winning prize money and tv market pool money.

Finished as Runner-up in UCL 2022| No doubt Liverpool are number one contenders to become the champions league finalist. But if the team of Liverpool can not manage to win the final match, earnings impact will not be much different. The club still generate handsome fund of €100m including all tv money, group victories and others.

Champions League offered €2.8m winning match | Currently, Liverpool hold 6 matches winning streak, their upcoming match take place with Inter Milan in round of 16. Club earn €16.8m from the group matches only by winning all of them.

TV Market Pool & 10 Years Coefficient | Clubs will get big chunk from the tv market pool and 10 years coefficient bonus. According to reports, Liverpool will make maximum €43.8m from the both categories adjusted for the clubs. Complete details will follow-up at the end of the competition.

Base fee for group stage€15.6m + €9m
Group match victories €16.8m
Winning the Final€20m
Finished as Runner-up€15.5m
Ended as Semi Finalist€12.5m
TV Market Pool Money €20m
10 Year Coefficient Money€23.8m

Semi Finalist & Quarter Finalist | The road to champions league ended before the final in semi’s or quarter finals, the team Liverpool will pocket purse of (€80m) for Semi’s and (€69.3m) for the quarter finals.

Complete details regarding Liverpool champions league earnings reported here once tournament complete, there is deduction of some purse upto €83m from top clubs proportions due to financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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