Martyn Ford vs Iranian Hulk Purse Payouts | 30 April 2022

Martyn Ford Gharibi Purse

Sajad Gharibi who is well known as “Iranian Hulk” all set to fight one of the scariest opponents (Martyn Ford) at 02, Arena in London, England. Sources closer to Iranian Hulk reported that he has been training intensely for the fight on 30th April 2022. Reports confirmed that, Arena will be filled with 20k people on fight day. Martyn Ford Sajad Gharibi purse payouts for the fight reported.

Iranian Hulk Purse | It’s a challenging fight for Sajad Gharibi, who is considered as Iranian Hulk. If there will be 20k people to watch the fight in 02 Arena, then huge gateway income will be generated and ppv sales made from tv and online subscription. Sajad Gharibi will earn somewhere $300k for this fight.

Sajad Gharibi Net Worth

Sajad Gharibi

Purse | $300k
PPV Money | Not Reported
Total Payout | $300k

  • Country | Iran
  • Occupation | Bodybuilding
  • Promotions | KSW
  • Debut Fight | 30 April 2022
  • Net Worth of Sajad Gharibi | $1.5m (reported)

Martyn Ford Payout | The 39 year old professional Bodybuilder from United Kingdom challenged the Iranian Hulk for a fight which is accepted. It’s confirmed that their fight will be set up by the Polish MMA organization Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, on 30th April, 2022 at 02, Arena London.

Martyn Ford net worth

Martyn Ford

Purse | $500k
PPV Share | not reported
Total Payout | $500k

  • Country | United Kingdom
  • Occupation | Bodybuilding
  • Promotions | KSW
  • Debut Fight | 30th April 2022
  • Net Worth of Martyn Ford | $4.5m (reported)
FightersPursePPV Share Total Payout
Sajad Gharibi$300kN/A$300k
Martyn Ford$500kN/A$500k

Note | The figures for the upcoming MMA debut fighters Martyn Ford Sajad Gharibi purse might be different but promotion and promoters never revealed what they pay to the fighters in ppv sales money. If both fighters ppv share details reported before the fight details provide here.