Major League Baseball Mascots Salaries 2022 (How much do they Earn Per Hour & Match)

MLB Mascot Salaries

The fans could not attend all the games of MLB season but mascots do due to rising cases of covid-19 during 2020-21. Once the pandemic regarding coronavirus cases reported, there are new rules set for the players and around the stadium, the attendance decrease to zero which means all matches played behind close doors. MLB reversed a ruling banning mascots from the fields. MLB Mascots salaries reported.

Wally the Green Monster Highest Paid MLB Mascot

Wally the Green Monster who represent the Boston Red Socks, earn per hour salary upto $2k. He earn between $1k to $2k per game. He may not appear in all games but mostly in home games he make $2k per match. So far as per news sources reported Mascot salaries, according to that Green Monster currently best paid among MLB mascots.

Phillie Phanatic Per Hour Earnings ($1,500):

Phillie Phanatic, well known as most entertaining and funny mascot, he earn $1.5k per match and make $200k annually.

The Oriole Bird Make $1.5k Per Hour in MLB Season

The Oriole Bird, who represent the team of Baltimore Orioles, earn per hour earnings upto $1.5k and per season payout estimated and reported in 2020 and 2021 upto ($200k).

Slider, T.C Bear, Southpaw Earn Average pay per match upto $500

There are some mascots that could not make more money than $500, at the end of the season make maximum $30k to $75k if all matches appearances made by them. 162 matches total teams played in a season mostly money comes to Mascots when the make appearance in home games.

MascotPer Match FeesSeason EarningsTeam
Phillie Phanatic$1,500 $200,000 Philadelphia Phillies
Mr Met$1,500 $200,000 New York Mets
Mr. Red $1,000 $160,000 Cincinnati Reds
Mr. Redlegs $1,000 $160,000 Cincinnati Reds
Rosie Red $1,000 $160,000 Cincinnati Reds
Wally the Green Monster$2,000$250,000Boston Red Socks
Dinger $800 $130,000 Colorado Rockies
Mariner Moose$450 $65,000 Seattle Mariners
Pirates Parrot $800 $130,000 Pittsburgh Pirates
The Oriole Bird $1,500 $200,000 Baltimore Orioles
Lou Seal$1,500 $200,000 San Francisco Giants
Billy the Marlin $600 $75,000Miami Marlins
Paws $800 $130,000 Detroit Tigers
Ace $450 $65,000 Toronto Blue Jays
Sluggerrr$800 $130,000 Kansas City Royals
Stomper$450$65,000Oakland Athletics
Swinging Friar$450 $65,000 San Diego Padres
Clark$800$130,000Chicago Cubs
Orbit$1,000$160,000Houston Astros
Bernie Brewer$500$60,000Milwaukee Brewers
Screech$600$75,000Washington Nationals
Raymond$1,000$160,000Tampa Bay Rays
Homer the Brave$1,500$200,000Atlanta Braves
T.C. Bear$450 $65,000 Minnesota Twins
D. Baxter the Bobcat$1,000$160,000Arizona Diamondbacks
Southpaw$500$60,000Chicago White Sox
Rangers Captain$1,500$200,000Texas Rangers
Fredbird$600$75,000St Louis Cardinals
Slider$450 $65,000 Cleveland Indians
Harry the Hawk$600$75,000Atlanta Hawks

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