MLB Prize Money | How Much The Winning Team Will Earn | Players pool Money (Confirmed)

The Major League Baseball prize money for the 2023 season revealed. American Baseball Organization organizes this baseball competitions. The event consists of 30 teams among which 29 belongs to USA while one in from Canada. After a round of 162 matches, 5 teams will qualify for the next stage that terminates in the world series. The dates and venue of the 2023 MLB announced as the event is starting from April 7 after getting late from March 31.

MLB Prize Money

MLB has a strong payouts system as they set good prize money for the tournament. Thus, players and teams receive enough purses and bonuses. Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles decided as the host of the tournament.

MLB 2023 Prize Money Breakdown

The prize money breakdown of Major League Baseball revealed as the the teams qualifying for the World Series will also get extra money. Moreover, the runner ups and round eliminators will also receive good prize money shares with handsome players pool money. The total prize money set for this year championship is $100 Million.

MLB Prize Money Distribution

The prize money distribution for the MLB are in the way that champion of MLB will earn the maximum prize money share. Moreover, there is also a highest players pool money for the team players.

MLB Champion | The MLB champion team will receive a prize share of 12% that reaches 12 Million. The players pool money crosses 200k for each player of the winning team.

MLB Runner Up | The runner up of the Major League Baseball will pocket a prize money share equal to that of winner. Same is the players pool money for the runner up team of the league.

Division Series Runner Up | The division series runner ups will share a prize money share of 15 million among them. There will be 4 teams in this category and each team will receive 3.2% share. The players pool money distributed will provide $50k to each player of these teams.

Wild Card Runner Up | 2 teams will eliminate from the league at this stage. each team will share 1.5% of prize money. So they will share $3 million. The players pool money for these teams are $20,500.

MLB Prize Money

Wild Series Champions | The top 5 teams from the league will qualify for the world series. These teams will receive extra payouts if they win the series or become runner up. The champion will pocket a huge purse share of $37 million. Whereas, the players pool money for the champions are $500k.

Wild Series Runner Up | If a team end as a runner up from the wild series tournament, they will pocket the share of worth $25 Million. Moreover, the players pool money is $300k.

Money Breakdown

StagesPrize MoneyPercentagePlayer’s Pool MoneyTeams
Wild Card Runner-ups$3 Million3% (1.5% Each)$20k2
Division Series Runner-ups$15 Million13% (3.2% Each)$50k4
League Runner-ups$12 Million12%$200k1
League Champions$12 Million12%$200k1
World Series Runner Up$25 Million24%$300k1
World Series Champion$37 Million34%$500k1

All these are the details about the prize money breakdown of MLB for the 2023 season. If there is any change, we will update the details here.

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