MMA Fighters Insurance Policy | How Much They Earn When they Got Injured?

mma fighters insurance policy worth

MMA is now one of the leading popular and among the most marketable sport. There is a huge rise in the fame of this prestigious combat sport event owing to the great thrill associated to it. However, becoming mixed martial artist is nevertheless an easy task as you must have a steel stamina and strong muscles to bear the pain. Many other risk factors also involved when it comes to professional fighters. Still, the MMA fighters are not receiving payouts as high as boxers and wrestlers and same is the case with their safety policies. Here are the complete details about the insurance policy worth available to the MMA fighters.

Different promotions including the likes of UFC, StrikeForce, Bellator and One Championship sign the fighters on independent contracts. Means that they receive per event payouts as per the contract and has the right to leave the industry at any stage. It is worth noting that the professional always receive payouts check in a safe room and sometimes, there is a huge gap between announced and real salaries.

Based on backdoor money like PPV share revenue and sponsorships money, some professionals become able to earn more than revealed payments. However, if a fighter failed to provide a good show, there is certainly a deduction in his salary. This results in miserable payouts for some of the top names.

MMA Fighters Insurance Policy Worth

Talking about the insurance policy of MMA professionals, there are no additional bonuses available to most of the names despite their low payouts. Thus, it is very difficult to survive for a fighter in this bloody sport. Consequently, fighters from small promotions like Bellator, One Championship, AMC Fight Nights and many others will not receive any insurance deal. However, there is some medical aid available for the names signed with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Zuffa, the American sports promoting industry has purchased UFC in 2001. Considering the fighters’ safety, they have signed a deal with HCC Insurance Holdings for providing additional money as insurance to the fighters, which implemented in 2011.

UFC Fighters Insurance

UFC fighters who get injured are allowed to spend $50,000 per year in terms of doctor services, laboratory tests, emergency medical evacuation, and physical therapy. But this is available only in the case if a fighter injured during a bout or during practice session. If the injury happened outside the ring, UFC is not worthy to pay any incentives as per the insurance policy guidelines. There is only incidence in the history when a UFC fighter injured outside the competition and has still received the incentives. That was in the case of Brock Lesnar wo was struggling with intestinal issue diverticulitis.

All these are the details about the MMA fighters insurance policy worth. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!