Most Money Making Football Leagues In The World | English Premier League Is Worth €8.9 Billion In Brand Value

Football is an immensely poplular sport in the world. It is watched all around the globe, and one of the reasons behind its humongous popularity is football leagues. Football leagues feature the top athletes of the game.

Hence fans eagerly wait for their matches. On top of that, these leagues managed to establish themselves as a brand. Fans these days, go crazy after the brands. This repute helped the leagues to gain more viewership.

More viewership brings more investors and sponsors. Hence it’s all in one single loop. Leagues provide what fans expect, and in return, the audience tune matches and buy merchandise.

It will be not wrong to say that, today’s football went beyond mere entertainment to a money-spinning venture. On top of that, these Football leagues are the venture where money spins the most. So, this blog is all about Most Money Making Football Leagues.

But before diving straight into the post, let’s develop knowledge of How these football leagues will be ranked?

How football leagues are ranked?

There are more than 50 football leagues, playing across different countries every year. Every league is generating revenue in profit. But among all, which league is generating the most money? The answer lies in the factors that evaluate the league’s money and success.

These factors are:

  • TV vieweship
  • Gate way income
  • TV Rights Deal
  • Transfer Market
  • Broadcasting Rights
  • Current Famous Players inovolement in the league
  • Sponsors and Investors
  • Brands sponsoring club’s kits deal
  • Annual Revenue Generation

Above mentioned Factores determined the status of any league’s success and brand value. The top thing that matters the most is “Viewership”. If a league managed to get viewership, the rest of the things will come automatically.

Most Money Making Football Leagues

Based on the above factors, These 5 leagues are the Most Money Making Football Leagues in the world. These are:

#5. Ligue 1, France (€3.45 billion)

With a Value of around €3.45 billion, France Ligue one is the 5th most valuable football league in the football world. Ligue one generates its highest revenue in the history of the league during the 2018-2019 season.

That happened when Ligue 1 club, Paris Saint-German buys world-class players in the transfer window at insane prices.

PSG Start player Kylienn Mabppe is the Most expensive player with a value of €150 million.

Recently football’s biggest start, Leo Messi joined PSG. Which results in merchandise sales and more Ligue one or PSG match viewership.

#4. Bundesliga, Germany (€4.5 billion)

With a league value of around €4.5 billion, Germany’s Bundesliga is the 4th most money making football league. Among the top 5 leagues, Bundesliga has the highest average match attendance of 45,134.

Despite such gateway income, Bundesliga has very few TV viewers due to its Only German commentary rule. However, the rule is now called off and League made €1.48 billion from broadcast rights to view matches in the USA.

Erling Haaland is the League’s most valuable player with a worth of €155 million. Bayern Fc is the most valuable team in the league.

#2. Serie-A, Italy (€5.14 billion)

With the league value worth €5.14 billion, Italian Top Tier League, Serie-A came third on the list. Recently league signed a new broadcaster deal to telecast the matches in USA and Canada.

Moreover, Serie-A signed a new ball sponsorship deal as well. In previous years, the league was not getting enough views due to Juventu’s predictable league win title campaigns.

However, things got changed after Inter Milan end their consecutive winning campaign. Now the league has much more to offer and is regarded as the most tactical and defensively sound national league in the world.

#2. La Liga, Spain (€5.15 billion)

La Liga

With a brand value of €5.15 billion in total, La Liga holds the 2nd position on the list. The league has a third-best average match attendance of 26,933. La Liga was once famous for having the world’s best footballer in the world but in recent times it got changed.

Due to Spain’s tax policies, and the La Liga Club wage’s rule, it becomes harder for star Footballers to play in Spain. Moreover, La Liga regulized the fixed-wage Structure for the club which resulted in the dismissal of top players.

A recent example was Leo Messi and the Barcelona case where clubs can’t sign a new player or register In La Liga. The reason was the club had already exceeded the fixed value. This resulted in the departure of Leo Messi from Barcelona, With his going, La Liga lost an insane amount of sponsors and viewers.

However, La Liga Immediately starts fixing the issue by playing cups finals in Saudia Arabia. Moreover, the league reportedly made €4.95 billion from La Liga TV rights, sponsorship deals, and other commercial activities.

#1. Premier League, England (€8.9 billion)

For the past 15 years, the Premier league hols the top position. With a brand value of the league is worth €8.9 billion in total, Premier League stands on top of the most money making Football leagues list. League’s most income came from TV Rights deals, Broadcasting deals, Match sponsorships.

The league generates €2.2 billion per year in domestic and international television rights. It’s only possible because Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world. It is said to have a potential TV audience of 4.7 billion people. 

Moreover, leagues feature World-class managers and players at the same time. Produce quality matches every weekend. And the world features the 5 richest football club’s in the same league.

Recently premier league sell its broadcasting right for €3 billion dollars To Dazn, which then telecast these matches in the USA.

Why EPL is the Most Money Making Football League?

Germany has the best-supported league by average per game attendance and the Spanish league has the two richest clubs in the world Football, but the EPL tops the list of the most money making Football League.

Broadcasting rights is the reason for the gulf in revenue between the EPL and the other top four European Football leagues.

The English Premier League sold domestic broadcasting rights for the three-year period between 2016-2019 for around five billion British pounds.

Furthermore, the league sold overseas broadcasting rights for the same cycle for around three billion British pounds.

This resulted in EPL clubs receiving a total broadcasting payment of around 2.45 billion British pounds during the 2018/19 season.

Breaking this down further, each of the 20 EPL clubs received 79.4 million British pounds from total broadcasting payments in 2018/19.

Moreover, with further shares based on their final position in the league table i.e. merit payment, and how many times the club was broadcast on television that season in the United Kingdom, facility fees.

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