World’s Most Valuable Football Clubs In 2022

20 Most Valuable Football Clubs in 2022

After the Champions League final, the 2021-22 season of football officially comes to end. European Giant Clubs like Real Madrid, and Liverpool, taste the victory of multiple trophies. Real Madrid snatched both La Liga and UCL this season. Liverpool had a chance to win quadruple but was blown up by Real Madrid and Pep in the last matches. Barcelona and Manchester United struggle throughout the season. City, Bayern, and PSG are in awe to make their squad more strong for the next UCL season. in Short, there’s been a lot of progress going on. Similarly, investors and sponsors are keenly looking at the club’s future projects. So with keeping in mind, there is a change in the list of most valuable football clubs than last year.

Real Madrid stood first due to their excellence in La Liga and UCL campaigns. They were second on last year’s most valuable football clubs list. However, if they show the same performance in the next season, they will exceed their lead over the 2nd spot.

Most valuable Football Clubs

With the recent success and growth of Football and increased prize money, there is a legitimate reason why real Madrid worth $5.1 billion, 7% more than last year, has reclaimed its spot as the world’s most valuable football team.

1). Real Madrid

  • Value: $5.1 billion
  • 1-Yr Change: 7%
  • Operating Income: $90 million
  • Matchday: $62M
  • Broadcasting: $2.2 billion
  • Commercial: $1.9B

Real Madrid has been ranked as the world’s most valuable football club in 2022 by Forbes after being valued at $5.1 billion. Real Madrid after capturing a record 35th domestic league title in 2021-22, the club will generate the most revenue in La Liga. With a win over Liverpool in the champions league final, Real Madrid will earn over $100 million. Real Madrid, currently undergoing an $850 million stadium renovation, secured $379 million as part of an agreement with Sixth Street and Legends.

2). Barcelona

  • Value: $5.1 billion
  • 1-Yr Change: 5%
  • Operating Income: -$17 million
  • Matchday: $123 million
  • Broadcasting: $2.2 billion
  • Commercial: $1.8 billion

Barcelona is spending $1.6 billion to build the largest football stadium in Europe. In order to pay, they signed a multi-year worth $458 million shirt and stadium sponsorship deal with Spotify. Moreover, the club is reportedly close to nearing a $960 million deal with Goldman Sachs and All Sports Finance in exchange for a 30% stake of Barcelona’s broadcast revenues and a portion of future revenues from the team’s new stadium complex.

Even with a dull season, Barcelona is Worth $5 billion now. It still is 6% more than a year ago. As off now Barcelona is the second most valuable football team and is tied with the NFL’s New England Patriots as the seventh most valuable team in any sport.

Most valuable Football team:

RankClubsCurrent Value1-Yr ChangeRevenueOperating Income
1Real Madrid$5.1 B7%$761 M$90 M
2Barcelona$5 B5%$692 M-$17 M
3Manchester United$4.6 B10%$663 M$128 M
4Liverpool$4.45 B9%$654 M$104 M
5Bayern Munich$4.275 B1%$726 M$102 M
6Manchester City$4.25 B6%$766 M$156 M
7Paris Saint-Germain$3.2 B28%$661 M$102 M
8Chelsea$3.1 B-3%$586 M$45 M
9Juventus$2.45 B26%$515 M$26 M
10Tottenham Hotspur$2.35 B2%$483 M$127 M
11Arsenal$2.05 B-27%$435 M$53 M
12Borussia Dortmund$1.8 B-5%$402 M$20 M
13Atletico Madrid$1.5 B50%$396 M$45 M
14AC Milan$1.2 B115%$257 M-$16 M
15Inter Milan$1 B35%$393 M$3 M
16Everton$940 M43%$259 M-$20 M
17Leicester City$925 M103%$304 M$16 M
18West Ham United$900 M77%$259 M$42 M
19Leeds United$800 M$229 M$51 M
20Aston Villa$750 M$236 M$12 M

 Manchester United, despite a dismal campaign, has seen its value rise by 10% compared to the year previous to an estimated $4.6 billion.

Liverpool, fourth overall is the next highest Premier League team with $4.45 billion followed by Manchester City’s $4.25 billion and Chelsea with $3.1 billion.