Most Valuable National Football Team Kit Deals: Germany’s Adidas deal stands out with €56 million a year.

When it comes to kit suppliers deals, european clubs absolutely dominate the market with some of the top clubs earning over $100 million a year from their respective kit deals. Nike and Adidas are the two major brands who supply kits to multiple big clubs and national teams.

We have already covered club kit deals and in this article we breakdown some of the biggest national team kit deals currently active.

Germany-Adidas Kit Deal: Worth €56 million a year

Germany’s long standing relationship with Adidas continue as they signed a financially improved contract till 2026. German FA will receive €60 million a year till 2026 under the current contract.

This original 7-year deal was signed back in 2015 and was suppose to run till 2022 with yearly compensation of €56 million a year. But in 2019 both Germany and Adidas announced contract extension.

France-Nike Kit Deal worth €50 million a year:

France also extended their deal with Nike which will run from 2018 to 2026. French FA will receive €50 million a year from Nike over the contract period. The previous deal between France and Nike was from 2011 to 2018 where €42.5 million a year was agreed.

England-Nike Kit Deal Worth €42 million a year:

In 2018 English FA and Nike signed 12-year contract extension which will see Nike as England’s men and women national team kit suppliers till 2030. Nike will pay England £400 million over the 12 year period. That is around €42 million a year.

Spain-Adidas Kit Deal Worth €40 million a year:

Spain’s current kit deal with Adidas was signed back in 2015 on a 11-year contract till 2026 but they extended the deal till December 2030 with financially improved clauses taking yearly payments to €40 million a year.

Brazil Nike Kit Deal Worth €37 million a year:

Brazil and Nike signed historic longterm deal back in 1996 where €121 million was agreed over 12 year period with Nike becoming principle kit suppliers and main sponsors. The deal was extended back in 2008 when 10 year contract was signed till 2018 where Brazil was suppose to get €30.7 million a year.

Both parties extended their contract again in 2018 which will run till 2028 with €37 million a year payments.

Breakdown of the biggest national team kit deals:

We breakdown top of the biggest national team kit deals which are currently active. German’s €56 million a year deal with Adidas stands out. France and England also have long term lucrative deals with Nike.

The financial numbers below are converted to euro from local currencies deals were signed in.

GermanyAdidas€56 million10 years (2020-2030)
FranceNike€42.5 million8 years (2018-2026)
EnglandNike€42 million12 years (2018-2030)
SpainAdidas€40 million11 years (2019-2030)
BrazilNike€37 million10 years (2018-2028)
USANike€32 million 15 years
ItalyPuma€19 million10 years (2012-2022)
ArgentinaAdidas€14 million 10 years (2014-2024)
NetherlandsNike€6.5 million 12 years (2014-2026)
BelgiumAdidas €6 million 10 years (2014-2024)
Which national team has the most expensive kit deal ?

Germany’s deal with adidas is the most expensive worth €56 million a year.

Which is the longest running kit deal ?

Brazil signed Nike kit deal back in 1996 and with several extensions it will run atleast till 2028.

Which brand produce more football kits for world cup 2022?

Nike will be supplying 12 team kits for the 2022 world cup. Adidas is second with 10 teams followed by Puma and Under Armour.

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