How Much Does It Cost To Build A MotoGP Bike | Engines & Built-Up Price

MotoGP Bike Cost

MotoGP is one of the greatest racing event that features the world’s best bikers and racing vehicles. The bikes used are not ordinary and have special body parts having high prices. But for winning the race, a team must spend money on the best parts to construct a durable and sturdy racing bike that can make the way to winning line. MotoGP bike cost depends upon the engines’ power significantly. 1000cc bike costs much as compared to the 250cc bike.

It is not easy to construct a MotoGP bike because the prices of branded parts are too high and only big teams can afford them. Small teams, having low budgets, move to the 2nd market for buying some parts of the bike. It causes cost cuts but also create a difference between the two bikes. Here are the complete details about the construction of MotoGP and how much its parts worth.

MotoGP Bike Cost

MotoGP bikes are commonly constructed for three basic races: 250cc, 650cc, and 1000cc (known for MotoGP). These bikes cost different. Moreover, the construction cost also depends upon the quality of material you use in the bike. Honda, Ducati and other big teams’ bikes cost are around $5 Million for 1000cc bike while small teams can manage such bikes in around $1 Million.


Engine is the most important part of a MotoGP bike. It decide whether you can win the race or not. So, teams spend a lot on this part. About thirty percent of the bike cost is spent on engine and its upgradation. Big teams like Ducati and Honda spend $700,000 for making the engine of 1000cc bike while for the engines of same power, small teams spend about $200,000. Thus, it creates a line between the winner and player at the last number.


Tires are another most important component of a MotoGP bike and also cost much. For a complete season, teams have to transfer from one place to another for next GP. For each race they have to change the tires. The tires of Honda or Ducati cost around $25,000 for a single Grand Prix of 1000cc bike. Moreover, for 650cc and 250cc bike, it will cost about $15,000 for a single GP race. Not every team can buy such expensive tires. That’s why they go with cheap tires.

Other Parts

MotoGP bikes weight matters a lot in the race. The more lighter is the bike, the more easily it can float in the air at high speed. Thus, it will make its way to winning line easily. Different materials are used to construct the body. These are steel, magnesium and carbon fibers. Bike having carbon fibers is much more lightweight than the steel body bike. However, it costs much to construct the bike body. Currently the best carbon fibers cost around $30 per square foot while cheap fibers are also available that costs only $16 per square foot.

Accidental Cost

Accident in a MotoGP race is not a joke. A slight contact can cause a severe accident of the biker and provides much damage to the racer and bike. The accidental cost depends upon the magnitude of damage provided by the collision. For a MotoGP bike of 1000cc, the accidental cost ranges between $50,000 for small teams to $200,000 for big teams as they use expensive parts in their bikes.

MotoGP Bike Cost Breakdown Table 2022

PartsMotoGP (1000cc)Moto2 (650cc)Moto3 (250cc)
Other Parts$40,000$25,000$25,000
Accidental Cost$200,000$125,000$80,000
Total Expense$5 Million$1.5 Million$1 Million

That’s all about the MotoGP bike cost for the 2022 season. The bike having all the features and is made of top class material costs you $7 Million for a 1000cc Grand Prix. While the bike of same power will be available for the teams in the budget of $1.2 Million. MotoGP 2022 schedule announced.

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