NASCAR Pit Crew Members Salaries | Crew Chief Holds the Most Expensive Contract

NASCAR Pit Crew Salaries

NASCAR is one of the biggest car association belonging to America. It is now the most watched race competition in America or even around the world. In the thrilling hype of race, Pit Crew members play a big role to maintain the cars quickly. Every team selects the best professionals to make their way to the title. What will be the salaries of NASCAR pit crew members.

Here we have all the details after an intense research. Pit Crew members earn different on the basis of their experience and professional skills. Moreover, different stage experts have different salaries. The Crew Chief earns the highest salary because he has to select the team of experts and direct them.

How Pit Crew Members Get Paid?

Contract Salary | Pit Crew members earn the contract on the basis of their expertise and professional skills. Crew chief holds the expensive contract and earn $10,000 as the base salary for a race and up to $200,000 as their annual income. While the tire carriers and tire changers received the lowest amounts as their annual salary.

Per Race Earnings | The members receive the per race earnings. These fees are different for different categories and even for the same category depending upon the efficiency and experience of the staff.

Winning Bonuses | These bonuses are available for the pit crew members in case of the team wins the race. Crew chief receive the highest win bonus and is about $2,500 for a winning race. Whereas tire changers and carriers receive only $300 as their win bonus per race win.

Other Bonuses | The other bonuses offered to the pit crew members of NASCAR are following:

  • Free Parking
  • Accommodation
  • Free Travel
  • Health Insurance

Pit Crew Staff

Crew Chief | Crew Chief is the main head of the pit crew staff who is responsible for making a team of experts and professionals. The other duty of this person is to direct the staff so that they can make a strategy to consume less time while repairing a car. Crew Chief is the highest paid member of the pit crew staff.

Fueling Person | Fueling person is the 2nd highest paid person as his duty is to refuel the car with great speed. In this he assure his team to win the race. Fueler get $3,000 as his per race fee while if the team win, he pockets additional $500 as his winning bonus.

Jack Man & Tire Changer/Carriers | To change the tires of the car, jack man has to perform his task very quickly so that the tire changers can do their work comfortably. Tire changers and carriers are also a necessary part of the pit crew staff. Their efficiency and performance speed directly affect the result of the race.

NASCAR Pit Crew Members Salaries

CategoriesPer Race EarningsWinning Bonuses
Crew Chief$10,000$2,500
Tire Changers & Carriers$1,500$300
Utility Man$500N/A

How To Become A NASCAR Pit Crew | Becoming NASCAR pit crew member is not very much difficult. An engineer with expertise in the gears can be a part of pit crew staff. The only required thing is the efficiency of the staff as there is very little time to spend for repairing the car. Moreover if the staff is less expert, it may cost the live of the racer.

All these are the salary details of NASCAR pit crew members along with their per race earnings and winning bonuses while the NASCAR cup series lineup 2022 announced. If the contracts will renew or any changes in the salaries occur, we will update the details here on the site. For more information, stay tuned.

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