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NBA Cheerleaders Match Fees

American love Basketball as it provides a lot of recreation and enjoyment to them at the weekend. Different leagues like NBA have increased the fame and charm of the this prestigious game. Moreover, cheerleaders play the major role to get the attraction of people towards the game. However, there pays are not according to the work they do. NBA cheerleaders salaries for the 2022 season revealed.

NBA, the premier men’s professional basketball league comprises of 30 teams and is one of the top 4 professional sports of America and Canada. In the last few years, there is a huge rise in the fan following of this game. Starting from college level, now it’s a part of Olympics. NBA has done a lot of work in making the league successful. Now, the cheerleaders cause a huge rise in the fame of this sport.

CategoriesSalary/MatchSalary/Match In PlayoffsAnnual Income
Rookies$50Depends Upon Contract

Salary Basis Of NBA Cheerleaders

There are various reasons on which salaries of NBA cheerleaders are different. However, some of them are described below.

Experience | The cheerleaders salaries depend upon the experience in the field. The more experienced a dancer is, the more she will earn. On this factor, the rookies worked as volunteers in the beginning. After getting experience of few games, they get the chance to work with the professionals. In such cases, there per match earnings are $50. While the professionals having more than 4 or 5 years of experience may get up to $500 as a match fee to perform in a big match.

Body Features | The body structure is also one of the factor that determines the earning of a cheerleader. The performer having flexible body will earn more money and get the contract of greater worth. But if the body lacks flexibility, ultimately the salary will be low.

Team Expenses | Cheerleaders sign the contracts with teams in NBA. The teams have sponsorship and endorsement deals of different worth for collecting the revenue. After concluding all the expenses, the salaries of cheerleaders are determined. The more revenue a team generate, more will be salaries of players and cheerleaders.

How Do Cheerleaders Get Paid In NBA?

NBA Cheerleaders Salaries

Per Match Fees | The dancers get the per match fees based on their contract deal and experience. Professionals earn $150 to perform in a normal match but if they get the chance to perform in a big match, their match fees mount up to $650 which ultimately increase their annual earnings.

Practice Bonuses | Researches revealed that the cheerleaders in NBA practice for about 8 hours in a week and the big teams like New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks offer them the practice bonuses as well. In this way, they can perform better in the live match and get the attraction of people. They received up to $50 as a practice bonus per session.

Side Bonuses | There are also many bonuses and rewards offered by the teams to their performers. Some of them are listed below.

  • Travel Expenses: Teams cover the travel expenses of the players and cheerleaders as well so that they can perform in all NBA games.
  • Free Tickets & Parking: Teams offer their performers free match and parking tickets when they are not performing and just come to see the match.
  • Playoff Bonuses: Some teams pay more to the dancers if they qualify for the playoffs. New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks are on the top by providing $2,000 as a match fee to perform in the playoffs matches.

Highest Paid Cheerleaders In NBA

TeamsSalary/MatchSalary/Match In PlayoffsAnnual Income
New York Knicks$650$2,000$35,000
Atlanta Hawks$650$2,000$35,000
LA Lakers$500$1,500$30,000
Boston Celtics$500$1,500$30,000
Golden State Warriors$500$1,500$30,000
Miami Heat$300$1,200$28,000
Toronto Raptors$250$1,000$25,000
Washington Wizards$250$1,000$25,000
Cleveland Cavaliers$150$750$20,000
Indiana Pacers$150$750$20,000

It is a fact that not all the cheerleaders are paid as some of them comes as a volunteer to meet the superstars and take their autographs. While some works as professionals and get paid for performing in the matches. All these are the details about the NBA cheerleaders salaries. In comparison with NFL cheerleaders salaries, National Basketball Association pay less. If there will be any update in the contracts and earnings, we will make them available on the site.

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