Alexander Volkanovski Career EarningsĀ | Purses | How Much He Earn From Contract Deals With UFC

Alexander Volkanovski

Guaranteed Purse: $400,000
Sponsorship: $42,000
Category: Featherweight
Status: Active

The Australian professional mixed martial artist is currently active and is holding a contract deal with UFC in Featherweight category. Before coming to MMA, he also achieved success in the boxing ring as well.

Volkanovski started his professional MMA career in 2012 against Gerhard Voigt. He made an impressive debut after defeating his opponent. Throughout his career, he played 24 matches and defeated his rivals in 23 epic fights. He remained unbeaten from his last 20 games and is looking to carry the momentum in the next stages of his career. Alexander Volkanovski career earnings and purse payouts details for the current season revealed along with sponsorship and other bonuses.

Alexander Volkanovski Career Earnings

Alexander Volkanovski Career Earnings & Purse Payouts

OpponentsGuaranteed PursesSponsorship BonusYear
Jose Aldo$70,000$5,0002019
Max Holloway$250,000$30,0002019
Max Holloway$350,000$42,0002020
Brian Ortega$400,000$42,0002021
Chan Sung Jung$400,000$42,0002022
Upcoming Fight
Upcoming Fight

Last Fight Details | In the last fight against Brian Ortega, Volkanovski made an epic win by defeating his opponent with unanimous decision. For the fight, he pocketed $400,000 as his guaranteed purse while the sponsorship bonus for the fight is $42,000. Moreover, there is also a fight of the night bonus of worth $50,000 for him.

Now, he will be in action in UFC 273 against the Korean Zombie in Featherweight category. The dates and venue of the event decided. All the further details will be available here after each of his fight.