Andrea Dovizioso Contract Deal With RNF Yamaha Until 2022 | Worth Of $1.25 Million

Andrea Dovizioso Contract Deal

Andrea Dovizioso

Base Salary: $1.25 million
Fee Per Race: $55,000
Sponsorship Bonus: N/A
Contract Term: 2022
Team: RNF Yamaha

Andrea Dovizioso, the Italian Grand Prix racer is one of the most experienced and successful rider who have earned a lot of success in his career. He is active and will race in 2022 MotoGP having contracted with Yamaha.

Dovizioso started his professional career from 2001 in 125cc class. In his debut, he couldn’t finish the race and also he was at 16th 2002. But then he made a memorable comeback by obtaining 5th place in 2003 and winning the 125cc championship in 2004 with 11 podiums and 5 race wins.

Then he moved to 250cc class in 2005. He performed exceptionally well in his debut event and by winning 5 podiums, he was at 3rd place in the event. He showed his incredible riding skills and by winning 11 and 10 podiums in 2006 and 2007 respectively, he placed at 2nd position. Such good performance gave him a ticket to qualify for the main event race, the MotoGP.

Andrea Dovizioso Base Salary & Contract Deal

YearBase SalaryFee/RaceSponsorship BonusContract Worth
2022$1.25 million$55,000N/A$1.25 million

He started his MotoGP career in 2008 and astonished the world with his consistent good performance. From his debut in 2008 to 2020 MotoGP grand prix, he consistently positioned under 10th with his best showcase in 2017, 2018, and 2019 MotoGP championships where he earned 2nd position. In 2021 Grand Prix, his performance was incredibly and unexpectedly poor as he couldn’t manage a single podium and placed 24th.

He will be in action in 2022 MotoGP events. His contract will end at the end of 2022. If there is further detail available for his contract renewal, we will update it on the site.

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