Brendan Rodgers Contract Deal With Leicester City Until 2025 | Worth £45 Million Including Bonuses

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers

Team Manager: Leicester City
Contract Deal: 4 Years (2025)
Base Salary: £10 million
Weekly Wages: £210,000

Brendan Rodgers return to Premier League to manage LFC. He took over the charge of his managerial duties in 2019.

He then started to shape the club and tried to make it a title contender. So far, he won FA Community Shield and FA Cup in his tenure with the club.

The current contract of Liverpool ex-player and current manager of Leicester City is worth £45 million which includes a signing bonus, a league title wins bonus, and other bonuses.

Details of Brendan Rodger’s contract deal and base salary are reported below.

Brendan Rodgers Contract Deal with Leicester City

Leicester City after firing its Premier League-winning manager Claudio Ranieri, was in owe to find a new manager. Brendon Rogers was the club’s Target due to his impressive league run with Celtic FC.

Brendan Rodgers‘s previous contract with the club was worth £5 million base salary. It was set to expire in 2022. However, due to LFC’s good performances against big clubs, LFC offered him a new and better contract.

His new contract will give him a double salary as compared to the previous contract. Brendon Rogers’s contract deal with Leicester City is worth £10 million per season. The deal is set to expire at the end of the 2024-25 season.

Now let’s have a look at the financial numbers behind Brendan Rodgers Contract Deal with Leicester City:

Contract Duration2025 (4 years)
Base Salary£10 million
Weekly Wage£210,000
Total Value of Contract£45 million which includes a signing bonus, a title wins bonus and other bonuses.

Brendan Rodgers is a professional Football manager from Ireland. In his managerial career, he managed teams like Liverpool, Celtic FC, Watford, Swansea City. He is now manager of Premier League team Leicester City.

His salary as a premier league manager is reported £10 million per season. Brendan Rodgers Contract Deal With Leicester City is worth £45 million in total payments for 4 years, including bonuses and incentives.

Brendan Rodgers record as LFC manager is

  • Total Matches: 141
  • Total Win: 70
  • Draw: 29
  • Loss: 42
  • Win %: 49.2

Under his management, Leicester City won FA cup 2020-21 and FA community Shield 2021.

The current contract of Brendan Rodgers ends in June 2025. If Rodgers joins or signed a new deal in the future with another club, then details regarding his contract and base salary will be reported here.

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