Callum Davidson Contract Deal With Johnstone Worth Of £275,000 | Until 2023

Callum Davidson Contract Salary

Callum Davidson

Base Salary: £275,000
Club: Johnstone FC
Contract: 2023

Callum Davidson has managed a new 2 years deal with his current club Johnstone until 2023 and is of annual worth £275,000. There are bonuses and sponsorship bonuses for the Scottish former football and now working as a manager.

Davidson started his career in 1994. He played as a left-back in the era of 1994 to 2014 where he was a part of different clubs including St Johnstone, Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City and Preston North End. He also played for his national team in 19 matches between 1998 to 2009. After his retirement in 2014 as a footballer, he became a coach and joined St Johnstone as caretaker and then in 2020, he became a full time manager of the club. Callum Davidson contract deal and base salary revealed.

Callum Davidson Contract Deal & Base Salary

ManagerBase SalaryClubContract
Callum Davidson£275,000Johnstone FC2023

Under his management, Johnstone appeared in 81 matches. The team managed winning 25 wins and 24 draws. While suffered from loss in 32 matches. The winning percentage of the team crossed 30% under his management. Although, there are not huge wins by the team, they played better than their previous performances and results. Now, he has signed the contract again with Johnstone. So, it will be worth seeing that how the club will play in the premiership 2022 edition.

If Davidson makes a new contract or move to some other club, we will update the details here.

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