Carlos Sainz Deal With Ferrari Until 2024 | Contract Worth $16 Million Including Bonuses

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz

Age: 27
Country: Spain
F1 Team: Ferrari
Car Number: 55

Carlos Sainz made his Formula One debut in 2015, at Australian Grand Pix. Since his debut, Carlos Sainz wasn’t able to secure the victory at the Formula One Grand Prix

He has 6 podium finishes in 141 Entries with 140 starts

Moreover, Details of Carlos Sainz Salary are reported below.

Carlos Sainz Contract Deal With Ferrari

Carlos Sainz penned down a Multi-year deal to join Ferrari till the 2023 season. He signed the deal in 2021 to replace Sebastian Vettel. He qualified and finished in 8th place at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz Current Contract Deal With Ferrari is worth $7.5 million per year. In addition to his base salary, He collects $500k in the year to Date Bonus.

Have a look at the Carlos Sainz Salary Figures:

F1 TeamFerrari
Current ContractSigned a 2-year deal to join Ferrari till the 2023 season.
Yearly Salary$7.5 million
Yearly Sponsorship Earnings & BonusesN/A
Year to Date Bonus$500k
Total 2021 On-Track Earnings$8 M

In his debut season at Ferrari, he earned praise for keeping up with his teammate Charles Leclerc.

Carlos Sainz is under contract to race with Ferrari from 2021 on a multi-year deal. He is on a contract that runs through 2023.

Sainz Short F1 Career History

Sainz begins his F1 career with Toro Rosso after winning the championship at Formula Renault 3.5. At Toro Rosso, his spell was dried. He made his Formula One debut with Toro Rosso, at Australian Grand Prix.

Later in 2017, Sain joined Renault. Sainz moved to McLaren for the 2019 season, while at the same time ending his contract with Red Bull Racing.

At the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, Sainz took his maiden Formula One podium finish with third. Sainz added another podium by finishing second at Monza the following year before departing for Ferrari at the end of that season.

Sainz scored his third and fourth podiums by finishing second at the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix and then third at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix, both for Scuderia Ferrari. He also came third at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix and the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

In his F1 career, he didn’t win any championships neither He won any Grand Prix events. However, He has 6 podium finishes in 141 Entries with 140 starts. In 2021, his final position was 5th with 164.5 points.

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