Charles Leclerc Deal With Ferrari Until 2024 | Contract Worth $24 Million Including Bonuses

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc

Age: 24
Country: Monaco
F1 Team: Ferrari
Car Number: 16

Charles Leclerc’s made his Formula One debut in 2011, at Australian Grand Pix. However, Charles Leclerc’s first won a single Grand Prix event in 2019, At Belgian Grand Pix.

Details of Charles Leclerc Salary are reported below.

Charles Leclerc Contract Deal With Ferrari

Charles Leclerc Signed 5-year deal to remain at Ferrari till the 2024 season. He signed the deal in 2019 to replace 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen. However, Leclerc made his first test day as an official Ferrari race driver in November 2018 during the end-of-season test.

Charles Leclerc Current Contract Deal With Ferrari is worth $10 million per year. In addition to his base salary, He collects $2 million in the year to Date Bonus.

Have a look at the Charles Leclerc Salary numbers:

F1 Team Ferrari
Current ContractSigned 5-year deal to remain at Ferrari till the 2024 season.
Yearly Salary$10 million
Yearly Sponsorship Earnings & Bonuses$2 million (Projected)
Year to Date Bonus$2 million
Total 2021 On-Track Earnings$12 M

He is a product of the Ferrari Driver Academy. Charles Leclerc will start his third season with Ferrari.

He is on a contract that runs through 2024. In 2019, in his first season with the team, he scored ten podium finishes.

Charles Leclerc Short F1 Career History

Leclerc made his Formula One debut in 2018 for Sauber, a team affiliated with Ferrari. He was part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. In 2019, he joined Ferrari.  He became the second-youngest driver to qualify on pole position in Formula One at the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix.

The 2019 season also saw Leclerc take his first career win in Belgium, followed by winning his first Italian Grand Prix as a Ferrari driver the week after.

He won the Pole Trophy in the 2019 season becoming the youngest driver ever and the first non-Mercedes driver to win it since the trophy’s inception in 2014.

In his F1 career, he didn’t win any championships. He won 2 Grand Prix events. In 2021, his final position was 7th with 159 points.

Sponsorship & Additional Bonuses deal

Charles Leclerc earned $2 million US in additional bonuses. He earned this amount through advertisements and endorsements. At the mere age of 24, he’s a reliable asset for Ferrari and endorsement companies.

His peak years are yet to come. He had a disappointing run in 2021 that resulted in fewer endorsement deals.

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