Christian Streich Contract With Freiburg Until 2022 | The Deal Worth of €3m Including Bonuses

Christian Streich Contract Deal

Christian Streich

Base Salary : €2 million (reported)
Weekly Wage : €40,000
Contract Term : 2022
Team Manager : SC Freiburg

He hold longest contract term with the club Freiburg, in 2011 signed the deal and his contract will end in 2022. However no reports yet released about his contract extension.

Christian Streich is a German professional football manager. Under the management of Streich, things get back on track, the club winning record improved and reached from 33% to 40% in last 10 years term. Christian Streich contract deal with Freiburg reported.

Christian Streich Base Salary & Contract Details :

Years In TermBase SalaryWeekly WageContract Value
1 Year (2022) €2 million €40,000 €3 million (including bonuses)

It’s his last year on contract with the club SC Freiburg, he might extend the contract before the new season began 2022-23. His current contract worth is €3 million which included bonuses for reaching knockouts of DFB Pokal and finishing in top 5 position to qualify for the Europa League. Any changes to Christian Streich contract deal, details regarding to it updated here.

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