Jack Catterall Career Earnings | Purses | How Much He Get Paid Per Fight & How Much Per Fight PPV Money He Make?

Jack Catterall career earnings

Jack Catterall

Purse | 500k (reported)
PPV Money |
40% (based on bid acceptance)
Promoter |
Fran Warren, Queensberry Promotions
Division |

Catterall back in action this upcoming February his fight schedule with undefeated boxer (Josh Taylor).

The 28 year old who made pro debut against (Carl Allen) in boxing in year 2012. Dominate top opponents of the division (Johnny Greaves, Carl Allen, Mark McKray, Tom Price, Renald Garrido) in back to back 6 fights during year 2012-13. He manage to win the first title of his career against (Nathan Brough) after defeating him 2 round of the fight at Phones 4u Arena, England. Jack Catterall career earnings, purse money payouts reported.

Highest Purse Fight | Catterall back in action, he will earn career highest purse money for the fight against opponent Josh Taylor, according to reports there is 40% ppv money reported for his fight which means at the end of the fight his guaranteed purse will increased to $2m based on ppv sales.

OpponentsPursesPPV ShareYear
Carl Allen$5kN/A2012
Johnny Greaves $5k N/A 2012
Carl Allen $5k N/A 2013
Mark McKray $5k N/A 2013
Tom Price $5k N/A 2013
Renald Garrido $5k N/A 2013
Aleksas Vaseris $5k N/A 2014
Krzysztof Szot $5k N/A 2014
Nathan Brough$10kN/A2014
Tom Stalker$10k N/A 2014
Cesar David Inalef$25kN/A 2015
Gabriel Fernando Punalef Calfin $25k N/A 2015
Jarkko Putkonen $25k N/A 2015
Noe Nunez$50kN/A 2015
Joe Hughes$150k50% 2016
Diego Gonzalo Luque$200k50%2016
Martin Gethin$275k50% 2017
Tyrone Nurse$275k50%2017
Kevin McCauley$150k50% 2018
Christopher Sebire$300k50% 2018
Tyrone McKenna$300k50% 2018
Ohara Davies$500k50%2018
Oscar Amador$300k50% 2019
Timo Schwarzkopf$300k not reported 2019
Abderrazak Houya$300knot reported2020
Josh Taylor$500k40%2022
Upcoming Fight2022
Upcoming Fight 2023

More details based Jack Catterall career earnings, purse money, contract deal with promotion reported after each year and pay-per-view fight.

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