John Cena Salary & Contract Deal with WWE Worth of $8m For Limited Appearance’s

John Cena Contract Salary

John Cena

Base Salary | $6 million
PPV Share | 50%
Contract | 2022 (WWE) – Limited Appearances

Cena is one of the most popular wrestler in the WWE. His contract terms with WWE changed since covid-19 due to pay-cuts he is making limited appearances instead of full time.

He is currently not part of WWE contracts, but still hold a deal with company according to which he make part time appearances for which he charge some where $6 million after pay-cuts. In 2019, John Cena and Brock Lesnar two were reported highest paid wrestlers with earnings over $10 million which include merchandise sales. John Cena contract salary reported for 2022.

ContractStatusEventsOverall Earnings
2022Limited ApperancesMain-PPV$8 million (including ppv & merchandise sales)

How Much John Cena Makes Per WWE Main-PPV Event?

WWE offer different contracts specially to it’s super stars, John Cena is one of them even for 1-3 appearance for the main-events will bring guaranteed purse of $3 million to his account which include ppv share revenue share, merchandise bonus for the wrestlers.

  • John Cena listed among richest wrestlers who makes most money from WWE contract.
  • He is the only wrestler who makes more than 30% from Merchandise Sales
  • Currently on limited appearance contract and may be part of Wrestle-mania and Royal Rumble in 2022.
  • Goldberg last match on contract with WWE, may take place with John Cena.

More details regarding to John Cena contract salary, will be provided later once the wrestlers official contract with WWE out for 2022, so far he is on limited appearances deal with company.

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