Julian Nagelsmann 5 Years Contract Deal with Bayern Munich Worth of €60 million Until 2025

Julian Nagelsmann Contract Salary

Julian Nagelsmann

Base Salary : €10 million
Weekly Wage : €205,000
Contract Deal: 2025
Team Manager : Bayern Munich

After leaving, RB Leipzig in 2021, Nagelsmann signed new contract deal with Bayern Munich for five years from 2021-25. The contract deal currently worth of €60 million which include winning bonuses for league and other european titles.

Julian Nagelsmann is a professional manager from Germany did not play any career match as footballer, but managed team 1860 Munich (U-17) and 1899 Hoffenheim (U-17) in starting career. In 2016, he signed the long-term deal with TSG Hoffenheim, under his management club winning record improved to 40%. In 2021-22, he leads the team of Bayern Munich as manager. Julian Nagelsmann contract deal and base salary reported in year 2021 after joining the Bundesliga club.

YearsBase SalaryWeekly WageContract Worth
2021-25€10 million (reported)€205k €60 million (including bonuses)

It’s his first season with Bayern Munich the teams winning record under the management improved to 85%. Munich reached the knockout rounds of champions league and if he manage to bring the title to Allianz Arena, he will make €12 million a year which include €2 million bonus for winning European title.

More details regarding to Julian Nagelsmann contract deal and salary reported here if he joins another club or being sacked by the club.

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