Jurgen Klopp Deal With Liverpool Until 2024 | Contract Worth £50 Million Including Bonuses

Jurgen klopp Contract deal

Jurgen Klopp

Team Manager: Liverpool
Contract Deal: 3 Years (2024)
Base Salary: £15 million
Weekly Wages: £320,000

Juergen Klopp established the mediocre Liverpool team into a world-class team in less than 5 years since his joining the club, 20215.

The current contract of former Champions league & premier League winning manager is worth £50 million which includes signing bonus, league title wins bonus, and other bonuses.

Details of Jurgen Klopp contract deal and base salary reported.

Jurgen Klopp Contract Deal With Liverpool

Klopp is a professional Football Manager from Germany. Jurgen Klopp made history as Liverpool manager when he led the Reds to a sixth Champions League trophy and a first-ever Premier League title in the space of two seasons.

The German’s deal at Liverpool expires in the summer of 2024, nine years after he signed his first contract with the Reds in 2015.

Under his management, Liverpool became a threatening team and title contender in every season. His passion for the game, and backing his players, put Klopp on the best manager list.

Now let’s have a look at the financial numbers behind Jurgen Klopp contract deal with Liverpool:

Contract Details
Contract Duration2015-2024
Base Salary£15 million
Weekly Wage£320,000
Total Value of Contract£50 million includes a signing bonus, league title wins the bonus.

Jurgen Klopp previously managed Borussia Dortmund and won two league titles with the club. Moreover, he reached the 2013 Champions League final with the club, but fall short of Bayern Munich.

Klopp was finally able to claim the first champions league title as a manager, after losing two Finals. Moreover, his triumph as Liverpool’s Premier League-winning manager earns him a new deal worth £15 million for the remaining years of his contract.

If Jurgen Klopp joins or signed new deal in future with another club, details regarding Jurgen Klopp’s contract and base salary will be reported here.

He is currently holding an expensive manager contract deal in Premier League. It’s the second-highest salary deal as a premier league manager only Manchester City rival Pep Guardiola pulling in more.

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