Kenny Bayless Contract Deal & Salary | How Much He Will Earn Per Match In Main PPV Event

Kenny Bayless Contract Salary

Kenny Bayless

Base Salary: $2,500
Fee/Main PPV Event: $25,000
Yearly Income: $500,000
Status: Active

One of the most famous and experienced boxing official and listed among the highest paid boxing referee. The main reason of his fame is that he officiated a lot of fights of various famous boxers like Tyson Fury, Floyd Mayweather, and Amir khan.

Making his professional debut as a referee in 2004, Bayless showed his decision skills by making the unbiased and right decisions. He got so much fame from his special catchphrase. The first fight he officiated is of Antonio Tarver and Roy Jones Jr. Kenny Bayless contract deal and salary details revealed as the referee will also officiate the matches in 2022.

Kenny Bayless Contract Deal & Salary

RefereeFee/MatchFee/Main Event MatchYearly Income
Kenny Bayless$2,500$25,000$500,000

The last bout, Bayless officiated was between Josh Taylor and José Ramírez. That as a main PPV event and Bayless pocketed a huge amount of $25,000 as a match fee besides the sponsorship bonuses. The earnings of Kenny Bayless depends upon the magnitude of the fight. If the fight is of the high profile boxers like Fury, Mayweather, Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao, the salary of the main PPV event will also be high.

That’s all about the contract deal and salary details of Kenny Bayless. If he will be a part of any big PPV fight like Fury, Jake Paul, his earnings will be changed. We will update them here as 2022 boxing schedule announced. Till then, stay tuned!

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