How Rich Maribel Ramirez Career Earnings | Purse Per Fight

Maribel Ramirez Career Earnings

Maribel Ramirez

Country | Mexico
Nick Name | PANTERA
Age | 35
Guaranteed Purse | $75k (Per Fight)

She is pro boxer from Mexico currently champion of two divisions.

Maribel Ramirez looking hopeful to get successful start of the new year in boxing. Her upcoming fight take place with Chile opponent Daniela Asenjo. But before fight her Ramirez dominate top boxing opponents (Linda Laura Lecca, Aniya Seki, Zulina Muñoz). Maribel Ramirez career earnings based on her fight payouts reported.

OpponentsPursesPPV ShareFight Year
Zulina Muñoz$10knot reported2012
Zulina Muñoz$10knot reported2013
Linda Laura Lecca$25knot reported2014
Joselyn Arroyo Ruiz$25knot reported2014
Dayana Cordero$25knot reported2015
Linda Laura Lecca$75knot reported2018
Aniya Seki$75knot reported2018
Daniela Asenjo$75knot reported2022

Things did not work well for the Mexican female boxer during th year 2014-2015, she suffer defeat back to back from three of her opponents Linda Laura Lecca, Joselyn Arroyo Ruiz and Dayana Cordero. In short term, she made successful return to the ring and defeatet Leeca and Seki in back to back fights in 2018. More details regarding Maribel Ramirez career earnings, purse payouts updated after each of her fight in boxing ppv.