Oliver Glasner Contract Deal with Eintracht Frankfurt Until 2024 | Worth of €15 million Including Bonuses for Finishing in Top 4 of Bundesliga

Oliver Glasner Contract Deal

Oliver Glasner

Base Salary : €3 million
Weekly Wage : €63,000
Contract Term : 2024
Team Manager : Eintracht Frankfurt

In May 2021, Eintracht Frankfurt announced, that they have signed new manager for the club, Glasner hold deal with them until 2024. Before joining them he managed the team of VFL Wolfsburg and LASK.

Oliver Glasner, is an Austrian professional football manager, who turned pro in 2014, after becoming the coach of SV Ried, in Austrian Bundesliga. Under the management of Glasner, the team of VFL Wolfsburg finished fourth and qualified for the champions league. Oliver Glasner contract deal with Eintracht Frankfurt reported for 2021.

Oliver Glasner Base Salary & Contract Details :

Years in TermBase SalaryWeekly WageContract Worth
3 Years (2024) €3m €63k €15 million (Including bonuses)

It’s his first season as manager of Eintracht Frankfurt, the team showing some great performances, challenging the team of Hoffenheim, Leverkusen and Freiburg for the 4th place finish in Bundesliga for champions league place. If he manage to finished in top four or five he will receive bonus that will increase his yearly wage to €4 million a season.

Glasner said on signing with his new club that “Eintracht Frankfurt is an exciting club and shown great development in recent years,”. If there are any changes to Oliver Glasner contract deal with the club details provided here later.

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