Patrick Vieira Contract Deal With Crystal Palace Until 2024 | Worth £14 Million Including Bonuses

Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira

Team Manager: Crystal Palace
Contract Deal: 3 Years (2024)
Base Salary: £4 million
Weekly Wages: £70,000

In July 2021, premier league side New Castle appointed former premier league winner and Invincible Team Captain “Patrick Vieria”.

Patrick Vieria signed a three-year contract with the club. Crystal Palace announced the deal ahead of the 2021-22 season.

The contract deal between Patrick Vieira ad Crystal Palace is worth £14 million which includes a signing bonus, a title wins bonus and other bonuses.

Details of Patrick Vieira Contract Deal and base salary are reported below.

Patrick Vieira Contract Deal With Crystal Palace

Vieira became the manager of Premier League club Crystal palace on July 4th, 2021. Patrick Vieira was appointed to replace the former head coach “Roy Hodgson”, who was serving the club since 2017.

Before joining Crystal palace ahead of the 2021-2020 season, Vieira was in charge of Ligue 1 club Nice.

Patrick Vieira Contract Deal With Crystal Palace is worth £4 million per season. The deal is set to expire at the end of the 2023-24 season.

Now let’s have a look at the financial numbers behind Patrick Vieira Contract Deal With Crystal Palace:

Contract Duration2024 (3 years)
Base Salary£4 million
Weekly Wage£70,000
Total Value of Contract£14 million which includes a signing bonus, a title win bonus, and other bonuses.

Patrick Vieira is a French professional football manager and former player who is the manager of Premier League club Crystal Palace.

He signed a 3-year contract deal with Crystal Palace to take the charge of the club manager role. His salary as Barclay’s Premier League Manager is worth £14 million in total payments for 3 years, including bonuses and incentives.

His coaching style is implementing a methodical, possession-based football. in all his teams. Vieira has shown a tendency to become more defensive when his side are in a tight spot

Take a look at Patrick Vieira managerial career:

  • Total Matches: 203
  • Total Win: 81
  • Draw: 53
  • Loss: 69
  • Win%: 40

The current contract of Patrick Vieira with Crystal Palace ends in June 2024. If he joins or signed a new deal in the future with another club, then details regarding his contract and base salary will be reported here.

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