Pep Guardiola 2-year Contract Extension Ensures His Status As Highest Paid Manager In The World

Pep Guardiola has signed an contract extension with Manchester City which will take his reign as City manager till 2020-23 season. After long hard negotiations during the international break in November, Guardiola finally put the pen on paper and ended any speculation about his departure from City for atleast another two seasons. New deal ensure Pep Guardiola as the not only the highest paid manager in Premier League but in the world of football.

Guardiola has signed a two-year contract extension with Manchester city which will keep him as City manager till 2022-23 season. New deal also ensures his status as highest paid manager in the world with £20 million-per-year guaranteed salary.

Financial Numbers Behind Pep Guardiola’s City Contract:

Guardiola signed for Manchester City as manager back in 2016 and became the highest paid manager with guaranteed £20 million-per-year salary. That also make him the highest paid manager in the world. With the new deal, Pep Guardiola will earn the same yearly salary but bonus incentives are added into the contract where a Champions League win will increase his yearly salary by 25% while £2 million bonus every time he wins premier League.

Contract LengthNew contract extension ensure Guardiola stays at City till 2022-23 season
Yearly Salary£20 million a year (guaranteed) regardless of results.
Champions League win bonus25% increase in yearly salary if City win Champions League under Guardiola.
Premier League win bonus£2 million bonus every time Guardiola help City to Premier League title.

The New contract ensures. Guardiola’s status as highest paid manager in premier league ahead of Jose Mourinho who is pocketing as much as £15 million-per-year. Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp earn £12.5 million-per-year with his current contract as Liverpool manager.

The other top earning managers from Premier League are Carlo Ancelotti with his £9.5 million a year deal with Everton. Followed by Brenden Rodgers (Leicester City) and Marcelo Bielsa (Leeds United) both at £8 million a year salaries.

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