Ralph Hasenhuttl Contract Deal With Southampton Until 2024| Contract Worth £6 Million Including Bonuses

Ralph Hasenhuttl

Ralph Hasenhuttl

Team Manager: Southampton
Contract Deal: 3 Years (2024)
Base Salary: £1 million
Weekly Wages: £21,500

In June 2018, Ralph Hasenhuttl join Premier League club Southampton and took the manager role gracefully. His previous stint with the Bundesliga club was a success.

In June 2020, he extend his contract for the next four years with the club.

The contract deal between Southampton and Ralph Hasenhuttl is worth £6 million which includes a signing bonus, a league title win bonus, and other bonuses.

Details of Ralph Hasenhuttl Contract Deal and base salary are reported below.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Contract Deal With Southampton

Ralph Hasenhuttl was appointed as the new manager of Southampton in June 2018. He joined the club after terminating his contract with RB Leipzig. At the time of his appointment, the club was battling relegation battel. However, he managed the cub and was secure to avoid relagation.

In June 2020, Southampton announced that club manager Ralph Hasenhuttl signed a new 4-year contract and will be the club’s manager till 2024.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Contract Deal With Southampton is worth £1 million per season. The deal is set to expire at the end of the 2023-24 season.

Now let’s have a look at the financial numbers behind Ralph Hasenhuttl Contract Deal With Southampton:

Contract Duration2024 (3 years)
Base Salary£1 million
Weekly Wage£21,000
Total Value of Contract£6 million which includes a signing bonus, a title win bonus, and other bonuses.

Ralph Hasenhuttl is a professional football manager from Austria. He adopted the manager role in 2007. Since 2007, he manages a total of 6 clubs and won 3 trophies.

Currently, he is managing a premier league club Southampton. He signed a 4-year contract deal with Southampton to take the charge of the club manager role. His salary as a premier league manager is worth £6 million in total payments for 4 years, including bonuses and incentives.

Take a look at Ralph Hasenhuttl managerial career with Southampton:

  • Total Matches: 139
  • Total Win: 49
  • Draw: 35
  • Loss: 55
  • Win%: 35.25

The current contract of Ralph Hasenhuttl with Southampton ends in June 2024. If he joins or signed a new deal in the future with another club, then details regarding his contract and base salary will be reported here.

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