Robbie Neilson Contract Deal With Heart FC Until 2023 | Worth Of £350,000

Robbie Neilson Contract Salary

Robbie Neilson

Base Salary: £350,000
Club: Hearts FC
Contract: 2023

Robbie Neilson, professional football manager from Scotland and former player, has currently sign a contract with the Scottish Premiership club, Heart Of Midlothian. The deal is worth having base salary of £350,000 and will be end in 2023.

Started his career in 1999, Neilson played from 1999 to 2009 with Heart team and also was a part of the winning team in 2006 Scottish Premiership. He was a right-back player and spent a long time in the field playing for different clubs at different stages of his career. He also represented his national team in 2000, 2005, and 2006. Nielson ended his football career in 2013 and then started his managing career with Heart. Robbie Neilson contract deal and base salary details revealed.

Robbie Neilson Contract Deal & Base Salary

ManagerBase SalaryClubContract
Robbie Neilson£350,000Hearts FC2023

He managed different contracts with different teams. From 2014 to 2016, he managed Hearts at the beginning of his career. The winning percentage of the team was 58.5%. In 2020, he again moved to Hearts. This time the team played 63 matches under his management, and won 38 with an incredible winning percentage of 60.3%. The team managed some great wins. Now it will be worth watching that how the team will play in the 2022 Scottish premiership as he signed a 2 years deal with Heart of Midlothian.

His contract will end in 2023. If he will sign a new contract, we will update the details here along with the bonuses and sponsorship information.

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